Wednesday, February 08, 2017

From DeVos debate: McCaskill says confirmation is attack on rural Missouri


Anonymous said...

How lucky we are to have such a brilliant senator in McCaskill versus the hack in Blunt. I feel very strongly about my tax dollars going to support private schools run for profit by greedy businessmen versus the dedicated teachers in our public schools having to contend with poor judgment by our legislators and administrators of some school systems.

Anonymous said...

Somehow this nation managed to get by without a Department of Education until the (formerly--now replaced by the last one) worst President in its history created it in a 1980 act of election year desperation--a giant bone thrown to the corrupt and equally useless teacher unions in exchange for money and votes, which are nothing but money laundering operations for the Democrat Party.

As they now joke about the Obama administration--You spent eight years weaponizing the federal government, only to hand it over to Donald Trump. Nice going, fools.

The teacher unions will get what they deserve--though we'd all be better off if the department is simply abolished.