Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Roy Blunt: It is likely we will call Flynn before Intelligence Committee


Anonymous said...

Осушить болото!

(Russian for "Drain the Swamp!")

Он может быть предателем, но он наш предатель!

(Russian for "He might be a traitor, but he's OUR traitor!)

Anonymous said...

What happened to all those eager beaver Trumpsters?

Seems like they've gone radio silent.

Paychecks from Roosia started bouncing?

The shine went off their fresh new horse apples less than a month into the term?

Meantime the loyal opposition signal is 5 x 5 worldwide!

Anonymous said...

Seems like he should also be called in to check his status in the past. Oh wait, that is in the finance committee that should be calling him in for discussion. Then there is Billy who should be placed in charge of alcohol, gambling and racketeering oversight. Who else would know more except Elliot Ness and Al Capone. The ivory tower has a very poor foundation and then there is the structure.

Unknown said...

To all you anonymous who are afraid to use their name:
Trump with Senator Blunts help will drain the " cess pool"
My only disagreement.
, a swamp is a beautiful thing; DC is full of decay, disease, and corruption!!; so it's a rotten cess pool

Than the Lord Almighty for President Trump, his press conference yesterday with Netanyahu was fabulous, FIatt sign of leadership since Reagan.
Now we can finally rest easy, our country is safe, and Israel can tsk its rightful home land place in the Mideast with some real support from its #1 partner, the US
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text 24/7

Anonymous said...

The world only has room for one Jewish Homeland Harvey and that homeland is Florida (aka Baja New Jersey). Truman should never have recognized Israel and Johnson should never have given them nuclear weapons. It is time to turn Israel into Palestine and make both Jews and Arabs citizens. Then they can kill each other with wild abandon and we can simply call it a civil war.

Independent - America First said...

Let the facts speak; let everyone speak facts. The American citizens deserve better than Party-First or Pocketbook Politics, or Treason. It's time for Trump's Taxes. Enough chaos! What an embarrassment for our Nation. My senators and representative have been contacted, repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Harvey you sad ranting little man- you can take all your pissing and moaning about anonymous commenters and stick it where the sun don't shine!