Tuesday, February 21, 2017

State auditor calls on Greitens to approve family-friendly leave policy for state workers

(From State Auditor Nicole Galloway)

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway today issued a letter to Gov. Eric Greitens calling on his administration to approve two important changes to family leave policies for state executive branch employees. Auditor Galloway issued the letter after learning the administration informed the state's Personnel Advisory Board meeting on Feb. 14 that it was not moving ahead with the changes. The proposals were unanimously approved by the Board in December of 2016.

These family-friendly policies were designed to provide additional flexibility to parents by allowing employees to use earned sick leave for parental bonding after the birth or adoption of a child. The policies also expand parental leave allowances for parents in cases where both parents are state employees. Auditor Galloway urged the Governor to reconsider the halting of these policies, which would benefit employee health and welfare, at no additional cost to the state.

"This is paid time off employees have earned through their time in the state workforce, but can't use during the critical bonding period that exists in the weeks and months after a child is born or adopted," Auditor Galloway said. "Families benefit when parents are involved in the care of a child and without these policy changes, many state employees will remain prohibited from using their own paid leave to take time off to bond with and care for a new addition to their families."

The delay adds additional pressure to the timeline in order to complete the process prior to established deadlines.

The proposed changes would allow state employees to use accrued sick leave to take time off for parental bonding after the birth or adoption of a child. Current policies allow employees to use accrued vacation time for parental bonding. Sick leave is limited to pregnancy, childbirth and recovery from childbirth, but not for parental bonding. If the employee has no vacation leave, or once that leave is exhausted, the employee may take unpaid time off for parental bonding up to a combined total of 12 weeks of leave after the birth or adoption of a child. The maximum amount of protected time off would remain 12 weeks, but employees could use both vacation and sick leave for parental bonding, which could be spread out over 12 months.

The policy changes would also expand parental leave in instances where both parents are state employees. The state currently allows 12 weeks of protected leave, which must be split between both parents. The new policy would allow 12 weeks to each parent.

Unlike the executive branch workforce, which is under the control of the governor's office, other statewide office holders have the authority to approve their own internal personnel policies. Auditor Galloway has taken steps to ensure these beneficial family leave policies apply to employees of the State Auditor's office. She also highlighted a recent change to allow her staff to use sick leave or shared leave in situations involving domestic violence.

Auditor Galloway is calling on other statewide office holders to examine their own policies to ensure they offer adequate leave benefits. These leave benefits are key to attracting workers in a state where state employees are among the lowest paid in the nation. The policies would have no impact on private businesses.


Harvey Hutchinson said...

Your job is to audit; not to comment on family leave !

How much Good did it do Yahoo?

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Anonymous said...

Heil Harvey!

Frauen müssen ihren Platz kennen!

Anonymous said...

Harvey Hutchinson is a bitter, old man that doesn't offer FMLA to his employees, so nobody else should either. Gannoway is a citizen and should feel to comment on anything she wishes. She's not a dried up, old fig that is incapable of reproduction, she has a say in the matter.

Anonymous said...

If you disagree with Harvey, then just say so. There is no need to verbally attack and insult him. It only diminishes your message.

Anonymous said...

It is the auditors' job to examine the offices of the state and determine if they are utilizing practices demanded by law.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:44

I disagree with Harvey on most every issue. Perhaps you are unaware that he has referred to others as bitter complainers. My message was to Harvey, if the language offends you, contact MILO at Breitbart news. That's where Harvey dwells. Trump won the presidency hurling slur after slur, did it diminish his message? BTW, did Randy make you blog monitor? If you have something to contribute to the blog topic, comment, commenting about discourse just makes you look like a snowflake.

Hugh Janus phone 6060 842 said...

I agree with Harvey on most every issue.

Harvey even agrees with me!

Harvey Hutchinson said...

One good thing about Hugh Janus is that he had the courage to use his name as opposed to Anonymous cowards!
And Anonymous 8:08; how do you know old I am; perhaps younger than you; but alas we don't even know your identity

Anonymous said...

@ Harvey,

Perhaps your total cluelessness prohibits your grasp of the fact that Hugh Janus is actually a huge anus that agrees with you is as comical. Anyone with eyes that views your picture can reasonably determine that your number of years on earth exceeds you IQ numbers.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Since you are Anonymous, no one can view your picture or low IQ

Anonymous said...

@ HaHa Hutchinson

First off, IQ can not be viewed as you suggested. Next, I know exactly how old you are, you are 50 years old, born 1966, although I believe most people would guess your age to be closer to 60 years old. Most on this blog don't seek self satisfaction by posting our pictures, but I also know you touted your self awareness when you ran unsuccessfully for school board, and the city council. Young man, you might be self ware, but you are totally unconsciencous as to what is going on around you. Had you understood Hugh Janus was actually a huge anus agreeing with you, I might consider your IQ sufficent enough to function in society.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

It's not self satisfaction; it's simply having the courage to identify yourself; and make public comments

Or is Haha Hutchinson your name? Or a fake ? Al la fake news ?

Anonymous said...

@ HaHa Hutchinson,

Identifying yourself online is a pretty stupid thing to do if you care about personal information being stolen. I know you have one boy, two girls, three grandchildren, your wife's name, the fact that you named your business after the town your father lived in Colorado. There is much more information that you have foolishly posted forever online. Self awareness? More like unconsciencous. Also listed is your company's earnings which I won't embarrass you by posting. Your views on politics will prevent you from ever even being elected dog catcher even here in this red state. Your little man syndrome is unflatteringly apparent.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Did you hack into my tax returns?

Anonymous said...

@ HaHa Hutchinson,

No need to hack when an idiot puts everything online. Can they be hacked? Absolutely.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

You seem to know

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Harvey Hutchinson said...

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Hugh Janus phone 606 0842 said...

More likely they used those microwaves that turn into cameras to spy on you!

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