Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Blunt office cites privacy as reason for not telling how many callers opposed, supported Betsy DeVos

In the accompanying video, opponents of Betsy DeVos asks the person in charge at one of Sen. Roy Blunt's Missouri offices how many callers supported and opposed the Secretary of Education.

The man responds that he cannot give them that information because of privacy concerns, even though he fails to give a satisfactory explanation of how revealing numbers would invade someone's privacy.

My guess and it doesn't take an expert to know this- the anti-DeVos calls far outnumbered the ones in her favor.


Anonymous said...

We all know why Blunt voted for Betsy Campaign contributions from Betsy and her family are more important to Senator Blunt than the public schools in Missouri. I would be willing to bet that the calls against confirming her far outweighed the calls supporting her. Senator Blunt probably thinks this will just blow over. It won't. I suggest that every time Betsy makes a decision that negatively affects our Missouri Public Schools, we hold Senator Blunt accountable. I also suggest we start asking when he will be having town hall meetings so those of us who are working can schedule time off to attend. I have a feeling that there will be no shortage of issues to address with our honorable Senator Blunt.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who sees the Grinch in that evil smile?

Not My Senator! said...

Whose privacy? HIS!
What a JOKE!
But, sadly, Blunt actually expects his constituents to accept this nonsense at face value.

Anonymous said...

7:56 PM I do not see a Grinch in that evil smile! I see a rat!