Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Joplin city manager provides weekly update

(The following report was provided by City Manager Sam Anselm to the Joplin City Council Friday afternoon.)

Good afternoon, everyone. Please see below for this week’s report.

-The most recent update from public works is available by following this link.

-Earlier this week the police department submitted an application for a grant from the Department of Justice for body cameras. It is a 50/50 grant, and if successful, we will use drug forfeiture money to cover the city’s cost for the equipment.

-In other news from the PD, the first of the two affixed speed displays was installed on Main Street on Thursday. The second should be installed by the end of next week. In addition to posting vehicle speeds, the equipment also collects speed data for analysis.

-On Monday of this week, parks staff opened bids for artificial turf at Wendell Redden and Joe Becker stadiums. As previously indicated, the bids were solicited to determine how much it would cost to partially or fully turf these fields, which would dramatically lower the cost of field maintenance and extend the use of the playing surfaces beyond our typical February-September season. Staff is in the process of analyzing the bids, and I hope to bring this discussion to you at our March work session.

-In addition to the turf discussion, March’s work session will also include an update from the Vision Joplin 2022 group. If there are other topics you would like to discuss during the work session, please let me know.

-In response to council’s request to seek input from the home builders and contractors associations about changes to our building permit process, we have heard back from both groups. I have asked the building division staff to prepare some additional information about our process and the current enforcement abilities of our chief building official. We are targeting our first meeting in March to present you with that information and get your guidance on whether to proceed with changes to the building permit process.

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