Monday, February 20, 2017

Billy Long talks trade deal with Japanese prime minister

When President Donald Trump needs some diplomacy done, one of those he calls on could be Seventh District Congressman Billy Long.

At least that is the impression Long gave when talking to media following a meeting he and other members of Congress had with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe earlier today in Tokyo.

From the Japan Times report:

Billy Long, a Republican representative from Missouri, told reporters after the meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office that he had discussed trade with Abe and felt confident the countries will hammer out a bilateral trade deal.

“President Trump and Prime Minister Abe really built a good relationship on the golf course, so I think you’ll see a trade deal coming,” Long said, adding that he gave Abe a set of golf balls to replace any that might have been lost in Florida.

According to the White House, Trump asked Long in a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday last week to give his regards to Abe, praising the prime minister’s golf game and calling him “a fabulous guy.”


Anonymous said...

Missouri gonna show 'em how whale bacon will be the next big thang!

Anonymous said...

It's probably a good thing them boxes of Mexican Chinese nails didn't come up!

Anonymous said...

Rep. Long seems to find time to visit Japan, but can't find time to do one town hall meeting in his district. In fact, Rep. Long never does town hall style meetings in his district. It's even impossible to get his Dist. Dir. out to an area to meet with a group of constituents. Rep. Long's Dist. Dir. makes $116,500 per year according to InsideGov. Guess gas money must be tight on that budget. Of course we can call anytime we chose and visit with the Dist. Dir. or staff; they will be happy to relay our comments to Rep. Long. Seems the only time Rep. Long has for us is right at election time. Call Rep. Long's office and demand that Rep. Long hold some town hall meetings. He's the one whose name is on the ballot every two years.