Friday, February 24, 2017

Emery empathizes with parents of transgenders since their kids "will never be parents themselves"

(From Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar)

Although unable to send you a report from the Capitol last week, I can try to get back on schedule this week. Recent legislation on the Senate floor has included two bills that I oppose – both create new databases of personal information. One is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) and the other is to comply with the federal REAL-ID mandate. The PDMP bill, SB 74, was perfected while the REAL-ID, SB 37 will have more debate. I may write more about those bills at a later date.

Senate Bill 98 may have created the most controversy this week. In a room filled with TV cameras and photographers, there was testimony over whether a boy can be banned from the girls’ shower room or a girl from the boys’. To most parents, restrictions on access to their children while in a state of undress would be governed by the timeless convention of gender separation: boys would shower with boys and girls with girls.

Over 300 witness forms were submitted to the Senate Education Committee in support of preserving gender separation. However, there was a parade of witnesses in opposition to the bill. With the newly created genders that are defined, not by anatomy or birth certificate but by the state-of-mind, separation by gender was offensive to these parents and children. Their testimony was that if their daughter believed herself to be a boy or their son a girl, they should be allowed to use the shower, locker room, or restroom that aligned with their thinking rather than their biological or birth certificate gender. The theory seems to be that a person’s thinking rather than physiology should reign even if their thinking seems contrary to natural law, physical examination, biology, or DNA.

Struggles like those confessed in the public hearing are not new, but they are more prominently displayed than ever before. These children, should they continue on their present course, will never be parents themselves, but I can empathize with their parents who love their children dearly and struggle with them through these conflicts. One thing that seemed inconsistent in the arguments against the bill was the claim that by being directed to separate facilities unwanted attention would be attracted to the children. This concern was somewhat weakened by the parents putting the same children on the witness stand in front of a Senate Committee and multiple TV cameras to support their claim.

Senate Bill 98 is not complicated; it retains the historic practice of each gender bathing and dressing in private. It instructs schools, under certain circumstances, to accommodate each new “gender identity” that may be created with the same protections. In my opinion, student privacy and safety should be as important to our schools as to parents. Senate Bill 98 ensures that whether we are talking about the ninety-nine percent of the students who align with the current rules or the one percent who do not, every student’s privacy is important and should be protected.

Two fundamental concerns have brought this to the level of legislation, and the actions of courts and the federal government have made it imperative. The first concern is the creation of new genders do not exist anatomically. The second concern is the one percent who claims these new genders are demanding that the other ninety-nine percent agree with them. Senate Bill 98 does not show a preference for either opinion nor does it exercise any moral judgment. It merely preserves the commitment to student privacy and security by insisting that no gender be forced to use showers, dressing rooms, or bathrooms in community with another gender.


Anonymous said...

I would bet my home place that just about any transgender or gay couple couple could parent any child better than Ed Emery. At the very least, these children would not turn out to be the homophobic, closed minded, fake Christians that Emery represents with his anachronistic mindset. In reality, far more pedophiles and sexual offenders are "poser" citizens like Emery than you will find in the gay or trans communities.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed for standing up on this issue, My daughter isn't a bigot but neither her or myself see one thing appropriate about a Tran Male showering next to her in a locker room, call me what you will but this is a mental dis order, science and biology can not be questioned when it comes to what you are at birth, Penis=male Vaginas=female...End of story

Anonymous said...

@ 11:23

Obviously you and your daughter have no problem with a gay girl showering next to her using your logic. Do you understand that 1in every 1500-2000 babies are born with hermophoditic genitalia requiring a specialist in sexing? Posting a link for your education...

As for the number of these children in public schools, most will never be on the sporting team with your daughter, or make other arrangements to accommodate, to avoid Christians that love their neighbor by stoning them. These are children we are discussing, not deserving of adults painting them as freaks. Your "penis=male Vaginas=female" is disproven by science. Your religious beliefs don't overrule science or justify your paranoia.

Anonymous said...

Senator Emery,

Gay couples have been adopting children and parenting for years, and many provide better parenting than many heterosexual couples. For you to suggest transgender could never be parents, is not only ignorant, but totally false.

Dennis Hasturdt said...

When will Senator Emery display the cojones to address my pardon? I was just thinking about sending a letter to Larry Craig, Bob Allen and Jon Hinson about this pardon. Also I need some tort reform to shut that lawsuit down! This is definitely an area for states rights to affect my federal pardon!