Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Response: Brutality lawsuit against Joplin police officers is frivolous

In responses filed today in U. S. District Court for the Western Missouri, attorney Karl Blanchard said brutality charges alleged in a civil suit against Joplin police officers John Isenmann and Ethan Rodgers were "frivolous" and were designed to "harass" his clients.

The response also denied the brutality allegation.

In his lawsuit, filed February 15, Joey Caulk said Isenmann and Rodgers used excessive force on him following his August 9, 2015 arrest on charges of domestic assault and two counts of resisting arrest.

Officers Isenmann and Rodgers intentionally, unnecessarily, and unreasonably pushed Plaintiff Caulk to the ground and smashed his head into the ground. Because Plaintiff Caulk was in handcuffs, he could not brace his fall or keep his head from being smashed into the ground. Plaintiff Caulk screamed in pain and blood gushed from his head.

Caulk is asking for $300,000 and is requesting a jury trial. He is represented by Springfield attorney Erica Mynarich

Joplin Police records indicate Caulk has been arrested three times since August 9, 2015- charged with domestic assault January 15, 2016, domestic assault August 20, 2016, and assault October 29, 2016.

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