Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Family searching for iPhone with Brooke Robinson photos

The family of 12-year-old East Middle School student Brooke Robinson, who was laid to rest today following a funeral at St. Paul's United Methodist Church, is searching for an iPhone that has not been seen since May 29.

The iPhone does not have any special value, but a great deal of sentimental value. It belongs to Brooke's mother, Mackenzie Robinson, and holds many photos of Brooke, including the last ones that were taken.

A family friend contacted me earlier this evening and asked if I could post something. It is not believed that the phone was stolen, but that it was misplaced during all of the confusion last week.

Anyone with any information about the phone can send me an e-mail at rturner229@hotmail.com and I will pass it along to the family friend.


Anonymous said...

Randy Turner is a horrible person who uses people's story to get attention.

He has never done a bit of good.
I confronted him on releasing stories without permission.

It was the only time he didn't have two cents to put in.

Anonymous said...

Anyone try the "find my iphone" app? Or maybe log into her icloud to see if the pics are there?

Anonymous said...


Preparation H could work for your chronic and festering butthurt.

You could ask your pharmacist or proctologist.

Does the package say to consider taking it orally to get relief for your hemorrhoidal comments?

Because that might be a possibility.

Anonymous said...

@8:43 Then don`t read his Page if you think he`s such a bad person!
Go cause trouble somewhere else. Some of us enjoy his reporting.
He tells the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

@8:43 1: He doesn't need permission
2: Confront all you wan't, he doesn't need permission
3: Looks like he's trying to help here, what exactly have you done?

Anonymous said...

Of all the places and times to post a negative comment, this isn't one of them. How insensitive can you be?? Very rude! If you wanna bash the guy, do it somewhere other than this post. There's a family hurting and missing their child. They don't need people like you trolling around posts about their daughter. And for the record, Randy is honest. If you don't like him, chances are truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

A little further information might be helpful here, such as: what kind of iPhone? What color? Does the lock screen have a particular image? Was it in a case? If so, what does the case look like? This is kind of basic stuff, dude.

Anonymous said...

You say not to respond to this anonymous and how disrespectful it is to the family yet you turn around and do the same thing. Just stop.