Tuesday, June 06, 2017

One hundred percent of Neosho, Diamond school buses pass state inspections

(From the Missouri State Highway Patrol)

Colonel Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announces the results of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division's 2017 annual school bus inspection program. A total of 12,047 school buses across the state of Missouri were inspected by Missouri State Highway Patrol personnel between the dates of February 2 and May 5, 2017. Of all buses inspected, 90.24% were approved by inspection personnel with no defective items noted during inspection.

During the annual school bus inspection program, buses found to have no defective items are rated as "approved.” Buses having one or more defective items which do not constitute an immediate danger are rated as "defective.” Buses with any defective items which constitute an immediate danger are rated as "out-of-service.”

Buses rated as "defective" may continue to be operated for the purpose of transporting students until repair is made. School districts are allowed 10 days following initial inspection to repair identified defects before being re-inspected by Highway Patrol motor vehicle inspection personnel. Buses rated as "out-of-service" must be repaired, re-inspected, and placed back into service by Highway Patrol motor vehicle inspection personnel─prior to being used to transport students. Buses not presented for re-inspection within the required 10-day period are reported to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Statewide 2017 annual school bus inspection results are as follows:
Buses rated as "approved" upon initial inspection -- 10,871
Buses rated as "defective" upon initial inspection -- 925
Buses rated as "out-of-service" upon initial inspection -- 251

A total of 276 Missouri school districts earned the Patrol’s Total Fleet Excellence Award, obtaining an approval rating of 90% or higher with no out of service buses. During the 2017-2018 school year, 6,181 buses in these award-winning fleets are eligible to display the Total Fleet Excellence sticker in the lower corner of the first window on the passenger-entry side of the bus.

"The annual school bus inspection program is one of the ways the Missouri State Highway Patrol serves and protects our children,” said Colonel Karsten. “Ensuring they have safe transportation to and from school and related events is a priority for the Patrol. I appreciate the positive working relationship shared by the Patrol, school districts, and private transportation companies. This professional relationship is directly responsible for the success of the 2017 annual school bus inspection program."

School bus inspection results are a matter of public record. Individual school district results are available on the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division webpage at

Inspection results for the schools in Jasper, Newton, Barton, and McDonald County school districts are listed below. The first number represents the percentage of the district's bus fleet that passed; the second number are those that failed the inspection. When the numbers do not add up to 100 percent, the other buses are out of commission.

Avilla 100 
Carl Junction 90.2, 3.9
Carthage 98.2, 1.8
Diamond 100
East Newton 96.6, 3.4
Golden City 100
Jasper 80, 10
Joplin 98.8, 1.2
Lamar 94.4, 0
Liberal 63, 27.3
McDonald County 90.6, 9.4
Neosho 100
Sarcoxie 76.9, 7.7
Seneca 88, 0
Webb City 95.6, 2.2
Westview 100

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Anonymous said...

Seems like this is the only thing Diamond can score well in...lol! That craphole district has really fallen over the last 5 years and is always dead last every year when academic scores are published!