Thursday, December 19, 2019

Parson: Liberals have been obsessed with impeachment scam for 1,340 days

Gov. Mike Parson made it clear how he felt about impeachment Wednesday night, expressing his views via his Twitter feed.

Posted with a large photo showing President Trump and the number 1,340, Parson tweeted the following:

The number of days liberals have been obsessed with this impeachment scam. Those 1,340 days could have been spent working on issues that would've made life better for all Americans.

Parson followed with these tweets:

Instead, a political party has weaponized impeachment for the first time in history. They haven't moved past Republican's HISTORIC victory in 2016 and can't beat our president at the ballot box in 2020.

We already know how the vote will go. Liberals in Congress should stop wasting time and start working hard for Americans.


Anonymous said...

I guess liberals just expect more from their congressional representatives and their president. Too bad you are blinded by greed and power of elected office. Politics does not corrupt, politicians corrupt politics and this latest stream of no moral compass of elected politicians is the worse our country has seen. Sell outs to the devil.

Anonymous said...

Trump was elected to save people who own Truck Nutz from feeling bad about using the n-word in public.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have no concept of truth or understanding of elections. Liberals attack those who disagree with them not with logic or facts but lies and hate. Liberals are self loathing people who hate everything about themselves and then project it onto anyone who disagrees with them. The idiot at 8:01 thinks that anyone who supports the president is a racist. Of course that belief is ridiculous but idiots propagate that false narrative daily. 10:52 thinks conservatives are the ones that worked with Russians and Ukrainians when most evidence shows that Democrats have had a much closer relationship with both yet idiots spread that false narrative as well.

Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it is the Democrat party of the 2000s slogan.

Anonymous said...

We are not holding our breath that President Trump will start backing up his administration’s environmental agenda with scientific facts. But we are holding him accountable for what he says.

President Trump’s torrent of misleading statements and flat-out lies has an army of journalists working 24/7 to set the record straight. To help those who focus, as we do, on climate, energy, and other environmental issues, NRDC will call out Trump whenever he distorts the facts about such matters. Here, we offer our inaugural edition of Trump Lies. We expect to update it regularly.



“I’m not denying climate change. But it could very well go back.”
—October 11, 2018, interview on 60 Minutes, following both Hurricane Michael and the release of the latest IPCC report


“The ice caps were going to melt. They were going to melt. They were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records, so OK, they’re at a record level.”
—Interview with Piers Morgan, January 28, 2018

Anonymous said...

How are either of those statements lies?