Friday, December 13, 2019

Agenda posted for Tuesday Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting

The Joplin R-8 Board of Education will meet 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Memorial Education Building.

The board will have what is described in the preliminary agenda as a "refresher session," at 5 p.m., followed by a closed session at 6 p.m. to discuss personnel and legal matters.


A. Call to Order

1. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Approval of Agenda
D. Reports

1. Board President's Report
a. 2019-2020 JHS Football Recognitions - Info (Dr. Moss)
1. Gatorade's Missouri Football Player of the Year and Max Preps Missouri Player of the Year - Isaiah Davis
2. Max Preps Missouri First Team Honors - Zach Westmoreland

3. 2019-2020 Missouri All State Recognition in Football
4. 2019-2020 JHS Football Second Place MSHSAA Class 6 in Missouri
b. Celebrations - Info. (Sharrock Dermott)
c. BOE Policy Committee Report - (B. Jordan, D. Gould)
2. Superintendent's Data Report
a. Health & Dental Plan Update - Info. (Dr. Lankford)
b. Financial Statements - Info. (Dr. Lankford)
c. Enrollment Report - Info. (Dr. Moss)
d. Audit Report (Westbrook and Co., P.C.)

E. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Action Items

F. Consent Agenda - Action

1. Minutes - Action (Pat Waldo)
2. Policy Updates for Second Reading - Action (Dr. Moss)
a. Policy EHBC: Data Governance and Security (Eric Pitcher)
b. Policy GBCB: Staff Conduct - Action (Justin Crawford)
c. Policy GBCBB: Protected Staff Communications - Action (Justin Crawford)
d. Policy GCL: Professional Staff Development Opportunities - Action (Justin Crawford) 

G. Regular Agenda

1. Additional Security Cameras for Elementary Schools - Action (Dr. Sachetta)
2. Approval of Audit Report - Action (Dr. Lankford)
3. Accounts Payable - Action (Dr. Lankford)
4. Approval of Financial Accounting System - Action (Dr. Lankford)
5. A Resolution Calling a Special Election on a General Obligation Bond in Joplin Schools - Action (Dr. Moss)
6. Approve Calendar for the 2020-2021 School Year - Action (Sarah Mwangi)
7. Support Vehicle Replacement - Action (Dr. Sachetta)
8. Policy Update for First Reading - Action (Dr. Moss)
a. Policy JGGA: Seclusion, Isolation and Restraint - Action (Sandra Cantwell) 

H. Plus/Deltas - Info. (Dr. Moss)

I. Adjourn - Action

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