Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ash Grove Republican: Since the Ceres statue has been restored to museum quality place it in a museum

(From Rep. Mike Moon, R-Ash Grove)

It's been a week since I contacted Governor Parson asking him to keep the statue, Ceres, off the Capitol dome.

 During the past week I was contacted by a metallurgist (one who works with metals, both large and small, and alloys). This individual stated to me that since the statue is made of a copper-tin alloy, it was unnecessary to require perfection in its construction. It is probable that when the statue was mounted on the Capitol dome, there was perhaps no intent for it to be removed (and, unlikely to be cleaned at all) especially since it was placed at such a great height and with much effort.

I was surprised to learn that the sculpture could have been cleaned without removing it from the dome: with lemon juice or using abrasives (such as the shell of the Missouri walnut).

In an effort to satisfy the concerns of all Missourians, I suggest that, since the statue of Ceres has been restored to museum quality, the statue be placed in a museum.

In addition, realizing that the deed has been done, it would make sense to preserve the statue (in a climate-controlled setting for all who wish to get an up-close view). 

 Also, since the statue has been reported to have been struck by lightning 100 times, why not erect a lightning rod in its place on the Capitol dome, instead?

Certainly, I am disappointed that I've had not response from the Governor or his office. I’m hopeful that for future endeavors we will seek out “masters” of the trade (especially those residing in our great state) prior to contracting with an out-of-state firm at such an enormous cost.

Perhaps, another call would let Governor Parson know what you think about the statue.

Here's the number: (573) 751-3222.

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