Thursday, December 17, 2020

Are Joplin council members praying for recall effort to succeed so they won't have to listen to Abbie Covington any more?

It is never easy to sacrifice your time and suffer the abuse that comes with serving on a city council or a board of education.

No matter what you decide on a controversial issue, you have people who are upset with you.

Those who serve on the Joplin City Council frequently have to endure the kind of torture that was outlawed by the Geneva Convention and it will happen again when the council meets 6 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

Abbie Covington is on the agenda.

During the votes on a mask ordinance for the city of Joplin, Covington's presentations during the citizen comment time of Joplin meetings have been must flee TV for viewers. (She's against the ordinance)

Covington was on top of her game at the November 23 meeting when she urged the council not to approve the mask ordinance and said she hoped the council members who voted for the ordinance would feel "a heavy burden of guilt and sick to their stomachs."

I am guessing council members Ryan Stanley, Keenan Cortez, Diane Reid Adams, Chuck Copple, Anthony Monteleone and Christina Williams felt no heavy burden of guilt when they eventually cast their vote to protect Joplin residents, including those who felt a mandate violated their constitutional rights.

It is quite possible they were sick to their stomachs when they saw Covington approaching the lectern.

Though Mayor Stanley asked Covington to leave that meeting after her outburst following the vote, she will return for more citizen commentary Monday night.

The preliminary agenda says Covington's topic will be "wellness and disease preparation."

Most likely, we are going to hear alternatives to the mask ordinance. Maybe if the council members are lucky, they will get by with only being compared to the devil as they were at the previous meeting

It will also be the first time Covington has addressed the council since November 23. It will also be the first time she has spoken to the council members since she launched a recall effort against the six who voted for the mask mandate.

Citizen comments are limited to five minutes, but Covington has that rare ability to make minutes seem like hours.

Her presentations have to make the six council members feel conflicted.

Sure, they want to serve the community, even when the going gets rough- but, if the recall effort is successful, they will never have to listen to Abbie Covington again.


Ella said...

I don’t know where you learned to write but I about feel asleep waiting for you to get to the point....unfortunately you never did!

Anonymous said...

Everyone has the Right to Freedom of Speech. Yet their are limits and conditions which go beyond "Normalcy". Abigail Joy Covington - just as so many think their beliefs or opinions are more important than the majority - - they try to condemn others - - or think they possess magic information - like "Masks Cannot Prevent the Spread of Covid or that God is going to Protect you - Yet Forget that God - May want you to follow the Laws and Rules and is trying to Protect you with them.

When the CDC, Medical Professionals, and Scientists are saying the same thing - - Why do these people feel that they are - RIGHT - and Why should anyone be Following Them??? Gary Shaw and the Others - - First of all should be ASHAMED - for Voting against - Wearing Masks - -

Maybe by being Home Schooled she lacked a "Trust Factor" in Medical Professionals and Scientists - and not able to See and Solve Problems from a Larger Prospective - such as the Pandemic that the United States is facing. One thing she may need to Realize that a Majority of these Front-line Professionals, Medical Professionals, and Scientist are Religious Individuals too and are not following the "Herd" - but are trying to Help Serve and Protect themselves and their Families from catching this Deadly Disease...

Let us not forget that the Individuals that have to wait on you at Walmart, a Convenience Store, or a Restaurant - Deserves to Protect Themselves from Her - by wearing a Mask too.

C said...

This is quality journalism right here. You may be bored and disagree with Abbie, but it's embarassing that you make fun of people for exercising their right to speak to their elected officials. Maybe this is the best you've got while trying to stay relevant. Exercising your 1st Amendment rights are not just for you but everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Will she be bringing her magic oils and smells and doing her anointing juju this time?

Anonymous said...

How can we watch live? Because I don't want to be
too near all these plague rat non maskers!

Kevin VanStory said...

Do you even remotely consider yourself a journalist? You could be if you would or could just leave your twisted version or opines to yourself. And I believe you would have a larger audience if you could just report the facts. But, it is clear, that you cannot. You give credence to the old saying, if one is not getting any flack, you are not over the target. Between myself and others who are the "Right" mindset, you are firing your flack gun with reckless abandon! Feel free to call me out by name when you some when you just feel this need to spout off with your leftist vitriol. Me and my friends, such as Ben Baker, are just gonna relish the fact that we get to live rent-free in your head, and we can be YOUR HUCKLEBERRY and keep absorbing your flack! Merry Christmas!
Kevin VanStory!

Anonymous said...

These people who continue to want to speak and cause the city issues are doing it for fame. Several of them are a traveling circus of speakers. They go from one council meeting to the next speaking for "peoples rights" when in reality they want attention. One even claims to be an attorney, she must not be much of one, she has way to much free time.

Anonymous said...

Idk who she is, but she looks like a fruit loop who just wants attention. Tell her to sit down and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip, you are looking for name recognition. It’s not “right” minded. This is not and never should of been a political argument. It’s simply about public health. Wearing a mask is not dangerous to the wearer and anyone who believes that is incredibly uneducated. Even if it doesn’t protect you from catching Covid, it might actually save another persons life.

PacaSaintMom said...

So journalism was becoming to tame for you, Mr. Turner. Turned to picking on young women for sport, eh. Whether or not you agree with Abbie Covington, at least she cares enough to show up and stand up for what she believes. Not many do anymore - especially not young people - unless there's a paycheck for them in it. I doubt any of your arrows will sting once Covington considers the source.

Anonymous said...

Countless have fought and died for FREEDOM, the rights of free speech, and many others. Hers too ~ or have you forgotten? They felt so strongly they sacrificed their very lives to protect total strangers around the world. If you disagree with someone the childish game is to demean, discredit, and try to muzzle someone who has a view different from yours (which by the way *EVEN YOU* could be DEAD WRONG). These sophomoric attacks are BENEATH *anyone*, much less someone who once claimed to be a credible journalist. Cheap shots by your click of childish trolls is not surprising. It's so easy to take jabs at someone from the comfort of an anonymous keyboard. I knew you Mr. Turner. You used to be better than that, and now scarcely resemble an adult nor a gentleman. Perhaps you never really learned how to treat a lady. I'm sure ALL of you would really make your Moms proud about now. Sad bunch of children every one of you are!

Anonymous said...

No doubt the rebuttal to Mr T and his band of Flying Monkey Trolls will never see the light of day. The slide from a respected journalist to someone who takes jabs at young women must have been painful. Their childish barbs at a young woman who is standing up for what she believes in (whether you agree with her or not) is nothing more than childish noise. Imagine not one single one of your immature followers has EVER had the nerve to stand up publicly and defend their beliefs, just sad little children in Granny's basement taking potshots at ADULTS who make a stand.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't have nerve, she lacks self awareness.

What does the fact that she's a young woman have to do with criticizing her ridiculous antics? Stepping into the spotlight isn't free, it opens one up to ridicule and scrutiny. Weighing in on controversial matters only increases the odds of that. Delivering a pre-written "prayer" asking god to smite people with an illness? Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Four Corners Orange Mussolini fanbois and fangurlz swarm like lemmings to stand proud for stupid!

Anonymous said...

These SWMO herd mentality fundagelical anti mask deplorables appear to be




Repeat as many times as necessary.

Anonymous said...

310,000 Americans are dead because a significant portion of our population consists of varied flavors of anti-science conspiracy theory believing morons.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong Turner? Did my comment breaking down the leftist view of the 1st Amendment, offend you? There was nothing offensive there, except maybe truth. Liberty over Fear...Always!

Anonymous said...

Too bad so sad 10:17.

I guess you need to drop that comment off at Parler where all the wingnuts are allowed to sh*tpost to their hearts content.

Or why not start your own blog? Make it all about the Constitution as you see it if you want.

Anonymous said...

Randy Turner auditioning for a CNN op-ed writers job!!!

Rushman said...

I think it’s a little ironic that some of you call her crazy or believe she does not have the right to express some good points when she speaks. All the while, walking around with a clear sign of FEAR across your face. Somehow she is crazy? You all do realize it’s nothing to do with a virus or health or masks. It’s about control! If you want to wear a cloth across your face so be it. If you want to drive an electric car to make you feel like you are actually doing something for our environment, great! Mandating I do, NOPE! I’ll choose my own mind. And let’s just keep this between you and I, the virus will win regardless of our feeble protections. Virus’s want to survive too. So if you really believe a cloth can protect from a virus, MUCH more intelligent than you, fair enough. That’s the real science. All else is virtue signaling or control. I do not personally know Abby, but I’m old enough to know she has excellent points and has the right to express them. She has the courage to speak against the woke and group think. She’s actually doing you all a favor! Remember people, It’s about control. I know it’s hard to believe that what you hear from our government and other officials really don’t have your health in mind or that maybe their agenda is not in our interests. Believe me, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I struggled with it for years. We don’t want to go there in our minds. So give Abby a little credit for trying to help you see it for yourselves. I’m sure I’ll be flamed by some here for speaking like a adult. Truth hurts more than lies.