Wednesday, February 13, 2008

KZRG cancels Afternoon Newswatch to make room for Dennis Miller

KZRG, News Talk radio 1310 in Joplin, will be down to one Newswatch program as of Monday, Feb. 18.
Afternoon News Watch will have its last program this Friday, Feb. 15, and be replaced by the syndicated Dennis Miller Show, featuring the former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update reporter and standup comic.
Franzman, who has been doing Morning Newswatch, is no longer with the station. For the rest of the week, Afternoon Newswatch host Mark Kinsley, pictured, will do double duty. He moves permanently to the morning program next Monday.

The Afternoon Newswatch slot which Kinsley referred to as Turner Tuesday, on the second Tuesday of each month when I drop by and talk over with Kinsley whatever is going on in the news, will move to the morning show in some shape or form beginning in March.

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Anonymous said...

Disappointing. KZRG seemed to have a hit except for the misstep known as Turner Tuesdays. I'm a Dennis Miller fan but would rather hear something local on the drive home.