Saturday, October 23, 2010

Carnahan kicks off "Bull Stops Here" tour

The U. S. Senate campaign is winding down and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan plans to end it with a statewide tour. From the news release:

Today, Robin Carnahan kicked off her "The Bull Stops Here" GOTV tour in Wentzville, MO before heading to the Mizzou Homecoming Parade. Robin will continue across the state for the final 10 days of the campaign talking about her plan to stop the bull and fix what's broken in Washington - and that includes holding Congressman Blunt accountable for his troubling 14-year Washington record.

You can follow Robin all across Missouri here:

Robin will travel all over the state talking to voters and reminding them of the very clear choice on Tuesday, November 2nd between Robin, who has been in Missouri fighting for middle class families and small businesses; and Congressman Blunt who is part of the problem in Washington, siding for the last 14 years with corporate special interests and lobbyists while leaving Missouri families to pay the tab.

Out-of-state corporate special interests funded by anonymous donors have funneled more than $6.8 million in false TV and radio attacks against Robin (and on behalf of Congressman Blunt) into Missouri in an attempt to buy a Senate seat.

But although Congressman Blunt has shown his willingness to sell out to the highest bidder in Washington, Missouri voters can't be bought.

Over the last 14 years, Missourians have had enough of Congressman Blunt's Washington insider politics. They've had enough of his distortions and DC-doublespeak, and they've certainly had more than enough of his bull.


Anonymous said...

What a sad little campaign this has become for poor little Robin.
Where is her family's attack dog Roy Temple during her time of need??

Oh that's right! He's subordinate to Gregg Hartley now in Washington.

What cowardly little man. He runs away from the biggest fights and runs his mouth like he's the baddest dude in the yard. But in reality he's just a wimpy little mut!

Anonymous said...

kind of like Dwight Douglas... Roy Temple, that is...