Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stripper allegations against Billy Long were not circulating before primary

Sources within the campaigns of the major competitors to Springfield auctioneer Billy Long in the August Republican Seventh District Congressional primary, have told The Turner Report, that they had heard any allegations involving Long cavorting with strippers, or making racist remarks at the Metropolitan Grill.

"It might have made a difference if we heard something in July," one said, in an e-mail I received Saturday. "It's not going to make any difference now, except we're sending a damaged Congressman to Washington. This may help Scott Eckersley, but he is not going to win."

A source within another campaign e-mailed to say, "This was the first we've heard of it."


Anonymous said...

I know that claim to be false. Ask Michael Wardell and some of Goodman's people.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is feeding you that line has an interest in protecting Billy Long.

Anonymous said...

won't matter he's the same as elected anyway. Thats the way SW Missouri republicans are, stand behind their fat little buddy.

Anonymous said...

Miles Ross, now with Roy Blunt's campaign, tried to get this rumor started before the Primary Election.