Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Carnahan camp: We have the momentum

Momentum is swinging toward Secretary of State Robin Carnahan in the U.S .Senate race.Of course, that information is coming from the Carnahan camp. From the news release:

St. Louis, MO - On the heels of Congressman Roy Blunt's debate meltdown and increased scrutiny of his 14-year record of waste, corruption and sticking it to the middle class, two new polls of likely voters show the Missouri Senate race tightening. A Fox News poll released today shows that Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has cut the margin by two, confirming a Public Policy Polling poll released yesterday where Carnahan had pulled within the margin of error. Carnahan has gained ground on Blunt, despite already being outspent by $2.65 million in false TV and radio attack ads from Blunt and his anonymous, out-of-state special interest group allies.  

"As last week's two debates demonstrated, Congressman Blunt has no defense for his shameful record of waste, corruption, and sticking it to the middle class," said Robin Carnahan spokesman Linden Zakula. "These two polls show that the momentum is on our side and Missourians aren't going to let Congressman Blunt off the hook for bailing out the corporate fat cats on Wall Street while leaving everyone else behind."

With exactly two weeks until Election Day, it's clear that Robin Carnahan's plan for standing up for the middle class and bringing common sense to Washington is resonating with voters who are tired of Washington insiders, like Congressman Blunt, putting their needs ahead of Missourians.

Poll Results: 
Fox News Poll of 1000 likely voters
Blunt 49%
Carnahan 43%
Some other candidate 3%
Not sure 5%
Public Policy Polling poll of 646 likely voters
Blunt 46%
Carnahan 41%
Beck 3%
Dine 3%
Undecided 7%

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