Saturday, October 30, 2010

Highlight of Dylan Reid's life was seeing his daughter born

Pfc. Dylan Reid, who was laid to rest today after his funeral in Lamar, achieved his dream just last month when he saw his daughter Avery born, according to an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette:

“He’s always wanted a family,” Erika Reid (his sister) said. “He didn’t even care if he got married, but he definitely wanted kids.”

This past year, he got both.

Before deploying, he tied the knot with Alecia Reid, who planned to go apartment hunting in Colorado Springs later this year.

And on Sept. 14, he looked on as his daughter, Avery Lynn Reid, was born.

The “smart ass,” it seemed, was growing up — something his friends noticed.

Less than a week ago, Dylan Reid logged on to the Internet and talked with a few people, including Dosey. Their conversation skipped along like it always did. Then Dylan Reid started talking about Avery.

“He couldn’t believe how much he could love something,” Dosey said. “You never really know until you watch a child be born how much you can really love somebody.

“He was really looking forward to being a dad."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Randy for covering this, it seems the Lamar Democrat did'nt think a guy giving his life for them was important enough to put in the paper. obit only.

Anonymous said...

The editorial and news staff at the Democrat are cowardly and contribute very little, other than advertising, to our community.

They kind of mimmick the Democrat Party, everywhere.

Anonymous said...

7:58 way to bring politics into every subject imaginable. Your sick! This was about a funeral and local coverage about it not your sick politics.