Saturday, October 30, 2010

Democrat Tim Davis endorses Billy Long

Tim Davis, who was defeated in the Democratic primary for Seventh District Congress by Scott Eckersley, has endorsed Eckersley's opponent, Billy Long. From the news release:

Former Democratic candidate for Congress Tim Davis has announced his endorsement of Billy Long for United States Congress. “Like me, Billy Long is pro-life and shares our Ozark values. He will stand up to reduce runaway spending. He understands that federal spending threatens our children’s future and will support a balanced budget amendment. On Tuesday, I will be casting my vote for Billy Long.”

“I am pleased to have Tim’s support in this race. Traveling across the Seventh District, I meet more people every day who want to join our team because they too are fed up with Washington D.C.” stated Billy Long.

Tim Davis is a native of the Ozarks. He graduated from Branson High School. Additionally, he has done extensive research in economics worldwide. He and his family attend James River Assembly in Springfield, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Tim Davis was as dumb as Billy Pass the Biscuits Long, but he has proven it now.

Anonymous said...

Assembly of God - 1

Mormons - 0

Anonymous said...

Davis couldn't win in a primary of 2-not the voice I want to trust with my vote is this important race. Look to the platforms and the relevant past experience. Look to the education and ability of each candidate. Then make your decision. If you truly are able to look beyond the bias of party lines, you'll most likely find Eckersley to be the only worthwhile choice in this race.

Anonymous said...

I think that if billy long wins, a bumper sticker will soon appear that says:

It's wrong to be Long