Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Democratic Party: Documents show Blunt hired illegal worker

 Democratic Party officials are charging Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt with hiring an illegal worker and attempting to circumvent traditional channels to speed up the process of getting her papers. From the news release:

 On the heels of Congressman Blunt’s new immigration TV ad, the Missouri Democratic Party released official documents and information revealing that Blunt knowingly employed an illegal worker and tried to use his Washington connections to expedite her case.

Documents show that in 1990, then-Secretary of State Roy Blunt wrote INS Commissioner Gene McNary a letter with documentation indicating that a household employee, who did work for him and his first wife Roseann, was not authorized to be working in the U.S. Blunt’s letter also includes a request for her case to be expedited.

The documents beg many questions, including but not limited to:

  • · How long did this person illegally do work for the Blunts? 
  • · What kind of records did the Blunts keep regarding this person’s “work”?
  • · What documentation did the Blunts have her fill out? What questions did they ask?
  • · How was she paid? By the hour, by the job? Bi-weekly?
  • · Did the Blunts pay federal taxes… social security taxes… state taxes… Medicare… on this employee?
  • · Did they file any documentation of payment for this “work” and subsequent payment with the IRS?

 "We thought it was odd that Congressman Blunt is running a new TV ad with him at the Mexican border talking about border security since we live in Missouri, but it’s clearly to distract from the fact that he's been part of the immigration problem - employing an illegal worker, using his official office to pull strings for her, then while in Congress voting against border security and against getting tough on employers who break the law," said Ryan Hobart, Communications Director at the Missouri Democratic Party.  "During his time in Washington, Congressman Blunt voted against getting tough on employers who hire illegal immigrants, and now we know why - because he was one of those employers."

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