Friday, October 22, 2010

Eckersley ad features accusations about Billy Long and strippers

A new campaign ad paints Republican Seventh District Congressional candidate Billy Long as a man who consorts with strippers and makes racist remarks.

The ad, which was launched by his opponent, Democrat Scott Eckersley relies on the accusations of former Metropolitan Grill worker Jennifer Case, who rips Long's character during the video.

The accusations were first brought to light through Eli Yokley of PoliticMo and The Fuse Joplin, who has featured a letter written by Ms. Case, as well as an audio interview with her and two others who also made accusations but elected to remain anonymous.

Long denies the accusations and says they are slanderous.


Anonymous said...

What you sow you shall reap.

Is Jeff Roe on the receiving end for once?

Anonymous said...

get the facts straight said...

Metropolitan grill is owned by an amazing woman. Its chief is a decorated veteran. Last Metro Mafia is a fund raising luncheon to bring in money for the police and firefighter fund that is close to bankrupt. i am not a big fan of Mr Long but I am less of a fan of people spreading facts that are false and only meant to be harmful and vengeful.

Anonymous said...

message to get the facts straight:

My wife is an amazing woman also.

I too am a decorated veteran.

I voted for the sales tax to raise money for the police and fire pension fund.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Long.

I also do not use the 'n word', cavort with strippers, refer to blacks or gay with derogatory terms and I don't pass myself off as something I am not.

Now, what facts are false? Is Billy lying when he says these allegations are 100% false? if so are they 75% false, 50% false?

ps-- I see you left the same comment over on the busplunge. Ditto for me.

Anonymous said...

2:08, Billy is lying period.

Anonymous said...

Concerned in Battlefield at 12:43 PM October 22, 2010
Just wondering if the young lady who has made the accusations against Billy Long will be receiving compensation from the Eckersly campaign. Also, why didn't she come forward during the primary, rather than wait two weeks before the election?

Anonymous said...

I, too, am wondering why the Local Yokle did not provide some factual insight into this matter, earlier?