Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eckersley contributor accused of bilking Utah farmers out of $1 million in 1990s

Las Vegas attorney Craig Orrock, who contributed $1,000 to the campaign of Democratic Seventh District Congressional District candidate Scott Eckersley Saturday faced criminal charges in the 1990s for allegedly bilking two Utah farmers out of $350,000.

The charges were filed only after the farmers had to chase Orrock from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas after he relocated his office and received the rest of the money after threatening him with a lawsuit, according to an article in the March 21, 1996, Deseret News.

The article was written after Utah officials filed felony theft charges against Warrock, who is a former Internal Revenue Service agent:

"Orrock convinced John and Richard Childs to place more than $1 million in his care to be placed in irrevocable trusts. In 1992, the Childs discovered that Orrock had allegedly withdrawn money from the bank accounts without notifying them."

After discovering the money was gone, the Childs tried to contact Orrock and discovered he had relocated to Las Vegas. The men hired another lawyer, who threatened to sue Orrock and the Childs received $400,000, according to the Deseret News article.

After that, the Childs had the accounts audited. The audit "revealed Orrock had allegedly used $350,000 of their money for personal reasons."  The money had never been placed in irrevocable trusts.

Eventually, the charges against Orrock were dropped on the condition that he repay $100,000 and agree to pay under threat of a civil action an additional $175,000, according to an article in the Jan. 19, 1998, Deseret News.

A forty-eight hour report filed with the Federal Election Commission Saturday shows Eckersley received $1,000 from Orrock, who is described on the document as a "self-employed investor."

The same document and another 48-hour report filed today show Eckersley receiving two $2,500 contributions from the Midwest Regional Laborers" Political League, based in Springfield, Illinois.


Anonymous said...

There is the 'Midas Touch' and then, there is the 'Mormon Touch'.

Anonymous said...

A fifteen year old law suit from a minor contributor is far from relevant in this race. Eck was probably in his teens during this "event?" Is Long reaching for speeding tickets again?
Also, Anonymous #1-you need to get down off the "Mormon" string. I'm just guessing you also made the reference to Eckersley's religion in yesterday's post as well. His faith only speaks well of his character and moral upbringing-hardly makes for stone-throwing material.