Thursday, October 28, 2010

News-Leader: Billy Long is the best prepared to stand up for Ozarkers

The Springfield News-Leader Editorial Board endorsed Billy Long for Seventh District Congress today:

Based on everything we have heard and been able to research in this race thus far, the choice is clear: we support Billy Long.

Although his campaign launched some negative, questionable attacks in the primary, we believe Long resorted to them because of advice that is becoming far too common in today's no-holds-barred campaign climate.
We strongly emphasize here that despite recent suggestions Long has acted improperly and boorishly, attacks on his character remain unsubstantiated.
We also must stress that the attacks were orchestrated or at least encouraged by Long's opponent Scott Eckersley and they were based on flimsy evidence. Therefore, we put those murky allegations aside.
What remains clear is that Long really wants to a chance to prove he can make a difference in the nation's capital.
He deserves the opportunity.


Ghost of Disgruntled Whistle Pig said...

Left unwritten: He gives us lots of advertising dollars so we kinda felt obligated to endorse him. For SHAME N-L. Thanks for once again proving what a joke of a journalistic endeavor you are.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long won't stand up for anything other than maybe another plate of biscuits and gravy. He'll be the biggest fool SW Missouri ever elected, other than the voters themselves.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little tidbit that should stay buried here in Turner Land.

The commenters are going ballistic on the endorsement of Billy Long by the Springfield News-Leader.

References by the commenters are the sources and verification of the three former Metro Grill employees who are attempting to prop up their allegations about Long, strippers, mafia, etc.

All of this has been coordinated by the LongisWrong guy who has interviewed, coached and counseled, and written the statements.

Eckersley is truly proving that his values are in question when he allows this type of associations in his campaign.

Check his emails and phone records.

Or, did I just make all of the up?