Friday, October 22, 2010

Eckersley continues attack on Billy Long's character

Former Metropolitan Grill waitress Jennifer Case is again the star in the second of Democratic Seventh District Congressional candidate Scott Eckersley's ads questioning opponent Billy Long's character. The ad concludes with the letter written by Ms. Case in which she outlines the actions allegedly committed by Long involving strippers, racial epithets, and sexist behavior.


Anonymous said...

Odd, very odd, that the internet spreaders of this attack on Mr. Long's character have made no mention of the other members of the alleged 'Metro Mafia' group who participated in these drinky, strippy, gambly accusations.

Are we to believe Mr. Long is a one-man pervision show? This in and of itself causes problems in believability.

I believe the timetable lends itself to the possibility that Mrs. Case was coached and counseled by others as to what to say, how to say it and to target Mr. Long because he is a person running for high office, much to the displeasure of AllHat, LongIS, Eli-Eli-O, and Turncoat Eck.

Sue 'em Billy, ever dad-blasted one of 'em.

Anonymous said...

How is it anyone's fault but Billy's that this is coming out? Why does he need to blame other people for questioning his actions? Seems like these folks are all coming out in support of the allegations...

Long needs to 'man up' and address them, not throw people under the bus who are talking about them.

Man up, Billy Long.

Busplunge said...

Billy's handler Jeff Roe has quite the experience in lawsuits of this kind.

Remember, Roe prevailed in the lawsuit brought by Joe Brazil (search this blog).

Roe knows that Long can't win any suit --- what's his damages? He lost an election?