Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ashcroft endorses Vicky Hartzler

Former Attorney General, U. S. Senator and Governor John Ashcroft has endorsed Vicky Hartzler for Fourth District Congress. His endorsement is below:

To the Residents of the 4th District:

It is with a great deal of pride that I endorse the candidacy of Vicky Hartzler to be your next Member of the United States Congress.

During her six years in the Missouri General Assembly Vicky served honorably, championing legislation designed to lower taxes, fight crime, and facilitate access to adoption. She has been a strong and steadfast supporter of our men and women in uniform and there can be no doubt our veterans and those serving in the military today will have no greater friend in Congress.

Vicky has demonstrated the ability to bring Missourians of various political stripes together. Not only did she help build bridges between Republicans and Democrats on key legislative issues but she made evident that ability again during the 2004 campaign to recognize traditional marriage between a man and a woman as the law of our state – a proposal embraced by 71 percent of Missourians.

You could have no finer representative on Capitol Hill. I urge you to vote for Vicky Hartzler on November 2.

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