Sunday, October 03, 2010

Hartzler news release appears to overestimate Skelton's power

A news release issued Thursday by Republican Vicky Hartzler's campaign blames incumbent Ike Skelton for casting the deciding vote to adjourn without addressing the tax issue. The final vote was 210-209, but the news release fails to reveal how Skelton's vote was any more the deciding vote than those cast by any of the other 209 who agreed with him:

Congressman Ike Skelton has again demonstrated his loyalty to ultra-liberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by giving her the Missouri 4th Congressional District vote as the U.S. House voted 210-209 to adjourn without extending the Bush-era tax cuts. If Congress fails to return to address the tax cut issue in a "lame duck" session after the November election the tax rates of Missourians and other Americans will rise dramatically.

4th District Republican candidate Vicky Hartzler has wasted little time criticizing the decision to adjourn and expressing disappointment with Congressman Skelton for refusing to stand with residents of the 4th District as he cast the deciding vote on an issue whose outcome was determined by the slimmest of margins.

"Ike Skelton and the Democrat-controlled Congress have failed us again," said Hartzler. "It's unconscionable that the U.S. House would vote to go home without taking a stand to protect Americans by extending these important tax cuts that literally allow some middle- and lower-income Missourians to feed their families. 39 Democrats voted with the people to extend the tax cuts but Congressman Skelton chose to side with Nancy Pelosi and against the interests of 4th District Missourians who cannot afford to see their taxes increase in the new year."

The Wall Street Journal estimates failure to extend the tax cuts could result in a married couple with an annual adjusted gross income of $80,000 paying an additional $2,200 in taxes. A married couple earning $160,000 could see its tax burden rise by $5,500.

"I'm very disappointed that Congressman Skelton has failed to use the 4th District's precious vote to protect the interests of its taxpayers and has instead cast his lot with Nancy Pelosi and other liberals who would place an added burden on families already struggling to get by," said Hartzler. "Congressman Skelton's deciding vote to adjourn not only puts taxpayers in jeopardy, it means Congress is wrapping up its work without passing a budget. This is poor leadership - pure and simple."


Anonymous said...

Well duh Randy, if Skelton had voted no they would still be in session...

Randy said...

And the same thing can be said for any of the other 209. If Skelton had been the last person to vote, that statement might be a bit more persuasive.