Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders kickoff events scheduled in Springfield area

(From Team Bernie)

Team Bernie will launch the “grass roots” campaign with organizational events on July 29th. Over 2,000 of these “kickoff parties” are already planned for this historical populous uprising.

One of these Bernie Sanders’ organizational kickoff parties will take place at The Library Center on South Campbell in Springfield. It is hosted by Jim Evans and starts at 6:00 P.M. More than 60 people have already signed up to attend. 

And, there are at least five other kickoff events taking place in the Springfield area. See links below.

Hosts will speak to why they support Bernie Sanders for president. Attendees will learn how they can join Team Bernie and Bernie will speak via live streaming video

Sanders begins his campaign with no nationwide political machine and a pledge to refuse the dollars of wealthy and corporate donors. It is up to concerned citizens to foment a grassroots uprising to push his revolutionary ideals to the top of the American political agenda.

“Brothers and sisters: Now is NOT the time for thinking small. Now is NOT the time for the same-old establishment politics and stale inside-the-beltway ideas.” – Bernie Sanders in May

Bernie Sanders' populist message resonates with those of us who feel shut out of our nation’s politics. He is attracting huge crowds (even larger than Obama in 2007). Even red states are turning out big crowds for the people’s candidate. This weekend 11,000 showed up in Arizona and 8,000 in Texas. Bernie speaks for ALL Americans, not just base supporters. He is the Theodore Roosevelt of the modern age.

Please help inform the public of this momentous event.

Jim Evans

Team Bernie Organizer



SWMO for Bernie - The Library Center (Springfield)

There are at least five locations in the Springfield area where people can get involved with the Sanders for president movement. Here are links to other kickoff events.

Springfield Voters for Bernie! - The Home of Roger Ray (Springfield)

Ozarks Progressives for Bernie Sanders - The Big Doghouse (Springfield)

Let Them Eat Cake - Park Central (Springfield)

Bernie in 2016 Organizing Meeting in Ozark MO - The OC (Ozark)


Anonymous said...

Does this guy think there are Communists voters in Springfield?

Anonymous said...

5:29 AM: Claire McCaskill beat Jim Talent by fighting for every vote she could get in the state, not just the easy ones in the Blue parts like the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. While the Springfield area is overall deep Red, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of Blue votes to be had there. There's also the minor detail of winning the primary first, and Sanders is in many ways more palatable than Hillary. Less anti-gun, for one thing.

Anonymous said...

If you care about the younger generation at all, vote for Bernie Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Bernie has little or no chance to unseat Hillary. He may be less anti-gun, but is unelectable. As a Republic, I hope they nominate him. Maybe we could win that election. Of course with the wild card Donald in the race, there is no telling what will happen.

Show-Me Skeptic said...

Given that every GOP candidate to date is a walking parody of politicians, Sanders has a good chance of winning IF he wins the primary. However, too many people take it for granted that Hillary will get the nomination in 2016, like it's her turn or something. Clinton is a slightly liberal Republican running on a Democratic ticket. If we really want some change, then Sanders is the way to go.
The only other Dem I'd vote for other than Sanders is Elizabeth Warren.

Anonymous said...

There is no way in the world that a socialist will be president. OH wait, we have one. I would vote for sanders just to let the lazy youngsters beg for mercy.

Anonymous said...

Red Bull gives you wings!

Anonymous said...

All the Communists are voting for Rubio. We figure he is a Castro plant sent here to destroy Democracy.

Anonymous said...

That's what we need another old fart in the White House, and a Socialist to boot.