Friday, July 24, 2015

Board to approve $13,000 in expenses for Bright Futures Golf Tournament

You have to spend money to make money. Everyone has heard that old saying.

If that is the case, Joplin Bright Futures must have made a lot of money from the fifth annual Joplin Bright Futures Kimble Anders Celebrity Golf Classic held June 26 at the Eagle Creek Golf Course.

Bills submitted to the Joplin R-8 Board of Education for its approval at its Tuesday, July 28, meeting show $13,492.98, including $1,500 to three-time pro-bowl fullback for the Kansas City Chiefs Kimble Anders, who has been the face of the golf tournament since it was first held in October 2010.

The expenses:

-$1,500 for Kimble Anders appearance fee

-$224 for signs from Sign Designs

-$3,793.95 to Downstream Casino for a dinner held the evening before the tournament

-$6,105 to the Eagle Creek Golf Course

-$340 to Dugout

$1,100 to Bright Futures director Melissa Winston, which appears to be a reimbursement for prizes

-$400 to Bothwell-The Saxton Group for a golf tournament lunch

However much money was raised from the golf tournament and other fundraising efforts, as well as donations, it appears that Bright Futures Joplin has evolved from meeting student needs by supplying shoes, clothing, and basic supplies, to something much, much more.

This month's bills, though Bright Futures is not mentioned, includes three unusual appropriations for "student need."

-A $500 payment to Empire District Electric Company

--$300 to Hull Plumbing

-$714 to Brown Property

Is Bright Futures now paying for rent and utilities for needy families? And if so, who makes the decisions on which families receive this type of assistance?
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Anonymous said...

Do other districts that have Bright Futures do things like this? It would be really good to know this. Wouldn't it be easier for the district to just spend the money on the kids and skip the middle man called Bright Futures? Why can't the faith based community support Bright Futures entirely, and if the district is going to support Bright Futures, why can't the auditor examine their finances? We need these questions answered.

Anonymous said...

This is a slush fund. Public employees can not operate a non profit and use it for public expenses. what a scam.....dip into the pot for whatever.....and now webb city school board is condoning this activity.....they are the new fiscal agents..and what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

So many questions and no one is being held accountable - how does it continue? How can public funds be used for Bright Futures? If it is a charitable corporation, how much of the donations raised actually go to children's needs and what percentage to administration costs including the high salaries these people are getting from there? How does the school district use it's funding to support this? Many, many questions - keep asking them Randy, you are on to something here...

Anonymous said...

rumor has it that the golf tournament made $17K, with $13K in profit of $4K....most donors would find another charity to give to if they knew 75% of the money raised paid expenses of the event.

Anonymous said...

What a scam. All smoke and mirrors like the rest of the CJ Huff garbage that has been dumped on all of us. Something that truly started out as a great thing became nothing but a political game piece for Huff and a way to give a chosen few (many tornado recovery volunteers) jobs. And you best watch yourself if you have another idea or way to help the kids and their families! Because, if it isn't a CJ Huff sanctioned idea and it isn't first run by him then you better not have any part in it or you will be on the list to be destroyed. Kid needs shoes? You can't ask Bright Futures yourself; you must first run it through your principal who will then see if it's okay the the almighty Huff.

When does someone audit this farce?

Anonymous said...

Bright Futures Joplin has always helped families with things beyond shoes, clothes, etc. BF serves as "gap coverage" when there are not other sources locally that can help for various reasons. They work together with principals, counselors, case managers, and local agencies to help families not just meet needs, but also get the help they need to stand on their own two feet. The goal is to help families create sustainable living circumstances where they can make it on their own without public assistance. This is not a new development.

You can see the breakdown of income/expenses as well as information about some of the results over the five years BF Joplin has existed here:

Erik Winston said...

10:04 - They have been audited, right along with the school district. Try doing some research.

Anonymous said...

They were not Erik Winston. The auditor could not audit them as they were a separate entity. Only a statement signed stating so was gathered during the district audit.

Erik Winston said...

11:38PM Do your research, anonymous! Or provide proof of your statement. My wife worked the extended hours during the audit when the auditor requested documentation and proof of spending and receipts.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Erik Winston is the husband of Melissa Winston. If so, it makes sense that she'd ask him to get on here and rant. Wouldn't be the first time she's had others do her dirty work. While she is at the helm, Bright Futures of Joplin is bound to rot from the inside.

Erik Winston said...

1:03 LOL! Yes, that's my wife. And like a true coward you hide your name and throw insults. You don't know my wife, nor do you know her character. Please tell me the deep truths of who she is! Dirty work...hmmm, again, please expound on your great knowledge. As for asking me to do anything...she can speak for herself. I just refuse to let others malign her while they don't have the integrity to say who they really are! Again, tell me of how many face-to-face conversations you've had with her!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I don't have to tell you squat. I can just say that she has made a lot of people miserable.

Erik Winston said...

"A lot"? My wife and I have dedicated our lives to ministry and to helping others. Sometimes in making decision people are offended and get hurt. Anyone that has ever confronted either of us in their hurt we have repented to and apologized. So to you, I extend the same repentance. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Turner hurts people with some of what he posts, I believe he does so accidentally, as he is simply trying to do what's best out of a heart for change and progress. In the course of doing what you think is best, people get hurt. The question is how do you respond? Do you print out everything that person has ever said and done and try to use it against them or do you realize people making decisions sometimes offend and hurt people? I gather you don't mind saying things that attack and hurt my wife! So, how are you any different?

I've come to this conclusion. Attack her, me, or whoever else you see fit with lies, misrepresentation of facts, or even our private information. That won't deter us from doing what we feel God has called us to do.

Anonymous said...

*starts playing the world's smallest violin*