Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sources: Former Wallace-Bajjali employee talking to FBI; land deals under investigation

It is looking more and more like the long-awaited Joplin state audit report may be followed by one or more indictments.

City government sources tell the Turner Report that a former Wallace-Bajjali employee has been talking to the FBI about land deals with owners of property in the tornado area that were brokered by Joplin City Councilman Mike Woolston, working for Charlie Kuehn of Four State Homes, who was working with Wallace-Bajjali, the city's former master developer.

The properties were reportedly sold at a much higher price to the Joplin Redevelopment Corporation.

Earlier, information provided by the Wallace-Bajjali employee and others led state auditors to take the rare step of issuing subpoenas to CART (Citizens Advisory Recovery Team) member, who along with former City Manager Mark Rohr were responsible for bringing Wallace-Bajjali to Joplin.
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shannbecker said...

Me thinks perhaps one reason why the audit findings is late on being made public?

Anonymous said...

My sources tell me the same thing.

Anonymous said...

shannbecker: From what we were told, it should have been released by now; then again it is summer. But if it's being delayed for legal reasons, probably not anything to do with Woolston, since the city council was told of the contents. Well, I suppose they could be trying to panic him and his confederates, but that still wouldn't explain why they haven't released it to us.

One problem with these sorts of schemes is that cheating the Federal government can get them very interested in you, and unlike normal times when cities play games with routine Federal grants, Joplin's recovery from the tornado was sure to attract attention.

In awe. said...

It's about damn time the feds got involved in Joplin. Maybe if they read Turner's book, they can finally unravel this whole mess and bring down ALL of the players. Yeah CJ and friends...ALL!

???: Knock knock.

BF: Who's there?

???: FBI.

BF: FBI who?

???: FBI need to ask you a few questions.

Steve Holmes said...

Randy, is there any more on when the audit results are to be announced, or when the date will be announced?

Anonymous said...

The Globe has an article online indicating the Feds are looking at Woolston. They made sure to bring up Scearce. The Globe is nothing more than a yellow paper.

Anonymous said...

Are Wallace and Bajjali also being investigates since they played a major role and were part of the scheme? They probably advised everyone on what to do and how to do it. That is Wallace's specialty. A scammer, do nothing, grab your money kinda guy.