Thursday, July 23, 2015

Carthage child's death raises questions about furniture safety

The death of Isaiah Wiggin, 2, Carthage, after a television set on a bedroom dresser fell and killed him, raises questions about furniture safety. The issue was explored in the accompanying report from KOAM's Chloe Leshner:

"The way it happened, the odds were very highly against it, but just the way it happened unfortunately it took the child's life," says Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan.

The arrangement inside the house was not uncommon; the family had an old television set on a dresser in the spare bedroom. While it was ruled an accident, even the police department was shocked that the TV had fallen. Manuals often state that if the weight of the TV is too much for a piece of furniture to handle, it should be secured to a wall.


Marcio Wilges said...

I read the article for this and I was horrified that this could happen! I think the cupboard company recalled all their furniture and implemented some way to secure the cupboard to the wall or something.

chelsey wiggin said...

I'm just now seeing thia a year later thank you for aharing about this! Noone realizes thia stuff could happen to their children but it does. People secure your television and furniture if I had I wouldn't be reading this article about my own son. Isaiah will forever be my angel!