Friday, July 17, 2015

Joplin R-8 interim superintendent to be announced Monday

(From Joplin Schools notice to the media)

Who: Joplin Schools Board of Education representatives, Joplin Schools staff representatives

What: An announcement regarding the selection of the new interim superintendent

When: 11 a.m., Monday, July 20, 2015

Where: Memorial Education Center
Board of Education Room
310 W. 8th St.,
Joplin, Mo.
(Parking and entrance available on Pearl St.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, heavenly days!!!


Anonymous said...

Hearing it may be the former Marshfield superintendent. Dr. Mark Mayo!

Anonymous said...

My sources tell me whoever it is no one will like him, or her.

Anonymous said...

6:15 is so funny. How witty! Those teachers, they don't like anyone. Take the great C.J. Huff for example. He intimidated and bullied those that didn't agree with him, drove out well over 300 teachers, surrounded himself with "yes" men and women who were clearly unqualified for their roles, spent the district into a financial mess, gave no significant raises in years to staff resulting in Joplin being the lowest paying district in the area, introduced a never-ending stream of new programs and goals that made the actual act of teaching nearly impossible, turned professional development into data collection ritual with the results always being the same- students aren't doing well enough and it's all your fault despite administration's micromanagement and constant interference, promoted teachers into positions of "learning coaches" which served as spies for the administration, and created countless unnecessary admin positions which soaked up money that could have been spent on retaining quality teachers. If teachers can't appreciate someone this amazing, there is no hope for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

@1:29...amazing. How does the school district continue to operate with such peril and dismay? With all the money gone will they even be able to turn the lights or air conditioning on in time for school? Where is the community of 300 teachers who have been driven out of the district and hanging on in such a fragile state that they have not been able to find employment elsewhere? I can only assume you and Mr. Turner will be starting a fund raising effort to be able to pull the district out of such a mess. If only we had Dr. Simpson or Dr. Hudson back.....oh, wait a minute, no one liked them either. Such a dilemma we are in. I can't see any way for the district to even continue . We must proclaim....SCHOOL WILL NOT START IN AUGUST!!

Anonymous said...

Do we really know who the candidates are/were?

Teacher that got out of Joplin said...

My advice to the new Super. Be like other Supers, only be hated for snow day decisions. Stay out of the spot light, do what you can to help the teachers and students. Keep the focus on the improvement, not improvements for the sole purpose of gaining recognition. If you've done something right, no one should know you've done anything at all.