Wednesday, July 22, 2015

McCaskill: Stop Republican attacks on Medicare

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill)

This month, we’re celebrating Medicare’s 50th birthday – but Republicans still won’t give up their attempts to dismantle the program that brings quality health care and economic security to tens of millions of seniors.
Instead, the right wing has a different plan for Medicare: They’re going to give seniors a voucher for health insurance, say good luck and wave goodbye.
We have to protect Medicare for future generations. That’s why I’m traveling to St. Louis at the end of the month to celebrate its anniversary, and it’s why I’m asking you to sign your name now and pledge with me to defend Medicare for another 50 years. Will you add your name?
Tell the GOP: Protect Medicare!
Missouri has always boasted Harry Truman-style common sense, so it’s no wonder to me that Medicare was first signed into law in our own city, Independence. (President Truman was the first to be issued a Medicare card!) And I’m proud to be the Ranking Member on the Senate Special Committee on Aging, where I’m fighting to protect Medicare.
But the Republicans’ flawed plan would give a free pass to insurance companies to overcharge or, worse yet, deny coverage to seniors with chronic conditions and pull the rug out from future generations of Americans.
That is nonsense – and you and I know better.
That’s why I need you to stand with me today and pledge to defend Medicare for another 50 years. Please, will you add your name now?

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