Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Joplin man charged after ramming pedestrians at 15th Street Wal-Mart

(From the Joplin Police Department)

On June 30, 2015 at 11:36 PM, the Joplin Police Department responded to 1501 S. Range Line in reference to a vehicular assault.

Officers determined that there had been a verbal disturbance between the occupants of a vehicle and a small, but of indeterminate number, group of teenagers. After a brief verbal exchange, the group of teens entered Walmart. Shortly thereafter, the teens returned to the parking lot and the vehicle was seen circling the lot and ultimately it was driven directly at the group of pedestrians.

Two victims were struck by the vehicle. Calen M. Goad, 18, Seneca, suffered serious physical injuries and was transported by private vehicle to Freeman. Goad is in stable condition. Tavis Beaver, 17, Neosho, was injured and transported to Freeman by private vehicle.

The suspect vehicle fled the scene.

Witnesses described the suspect vehicle as a maroon Chevrolet Silverado extended cab-truck driven and occupied by two Hispanic males. A Police Dispatcher was able to identify a possible suspect vehicle from accumulated CAD data and sent officers to 2211 West B St. in Joplin. Officers located a maroon truck, consistent with a detailed description, at that location.
Joplin Police Investigators responded. Paulo Omar Lopez-Nanclares, 23, 2211 West B St., Joplin, was identified as the driver of the vehicle. Nanclares was arrested and has been charged with Assault - 2nd Degree and Leaving Scene of Motor Vehicle Accident--Injury. His bond is set at $3000.00 surety.


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder if he is legal...

Anonymous said...

I doubt it but even if he isn't we can't deport him because it might hurt his feelings!!

Dusty Roads said...

He will make bound and then head back to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

0935 & 0557
Sadly your both right,to a degree. One illegal immigrant is not worth is not worth it to them. I will never forget,about 14 or 15 years ago, I stopped a van load of illegals. Called the 800 number provided to law enforcement, as we were instructed, if we had illegals with no documentation. I placed the call,long story short, I finally spoke to a live person. In a nutshell,I was told that five (5) or six (6) was not worth their time & just let them go. Granted,this was pre-911. Still, I was roadside with these people & had no clue who they were or what they have done. I will never forget the one young hispanic male, who didn't understand "english",smile real big when I told the only one,who could understand me supposedly, they were free to go! I did not allow them to drive away. I waited for a licensed driver to pick up the vehicle. I was floored as I watched them drive away! Why didn't I write a bunch of citations? For the simple reason Dusty stated above! I had no clue his real name,dob or ssn etc! Even if I had something, anything that was true & correct, he would not have shown up for court & wasted a whole lot of the courts time for absolutely NOTHING! I knew that early morning,things were changing in America & NOT for the good! Please,do not take away from this,I'm prejudice in any way! Fill in the blank with ANY race or nationally. That early morning just happened to be hispanics. What I do know is this,if anyone went to another Country & didn't have the proper identification,while doing something illegal, there is a ZERO chance we would be allowed to just "walk away!"