Tuesday, July 07, 2015

New Joplin Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store planning to hire 95

(From Wal-Mart)

Walmart will hire up to 95 associates to work at the new Walmart Neighborhood Market slated to open this summer in Joplin. A temporary hiring center has opened at the Pavilion West located at 1802 W. 32nd St., Suite E.

Applications will be accepted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Interested applicants may also apply online here

The location of the new Neighborhood Market is located at 26th & Maiden Lane.

Walmart will offer a job to any eligible U.S. veteran honorably discharged from active duty since the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment launched on Memorial Day 2013. Interested veterans may find out more here

According to store manager Thomas Taffner, the store will be hiring both full- and part-time associates. “Walmart is a company with many opportunities for professional growth, and we are excited about bringing in new associates that will soon have access to them,” said Taffner.

The majority of new associates will begin work in July to help prepare the store for its grand opening. According to Bridget Schultz, Walmart Media Relations Rep, the store is tentatively scheduled to open in late September.


Anonymous said...

This is not so great they will just put price Cutter out of business.

Anonymous said...

9:02 - Not if you don't shop there. You have a choice where you spend your dollars.

Anonymous said...

I like that Price Cutter is smaller and therefore quicker. I also like that they have lots of different foods that you don't find other places. They are more expensive than Walmart, however. :(

Anonymous said...

Price cutter has specialty items that the big cookie cutter won't. The marketing driven name of Neighborhood will drive out the actual neighborhood market. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Cost of goods will rule in the end. Price Cutter will not to be able to compete with the giant buying power Walmart has unforchanetly. Yes they will add some jobs but we will loose about the same number of jobs they add.