Thursday, October 01, 2015

KOAM report: The man who started the manhunt for Clinton Blizzard

The capture of accused killer Clinton Blizzard Tuesday night grabbed the attention of the Joplin area. In this report by KOAM's Jordan Aubey, the beginning of the manhunt for Blizzard, which came after Jasper County Deputy Micah Fleming spotted him at Best Buy is detailed.

From the KOAM report:

"He was standing in the department of Best Buy Mobile," says Fleming.

"He" being 26-year-old Clinton Blizzard.

"He wasn't really walking around. But he was kind of trying to cover up his face, and looking down at the ground, trying to, I think he was trying to hide his face from people," says Fleming.

Take a look at the Blizzard Fleming saw. There are big differences from another picture of Blizzard that was sent out to the public by law enforcement. Fleming knew Blizzard was a wanted man.

"I actually just saw it on Facebook," says Fleming.

But he also knew the Blizzard he saw was indeed Blizzard, despite differences of appearance.

"I've had interactions with him in the past, being in custody in our jail," says Fleming.


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