Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Billy Long: Obama has not won on the bathroom issue

(The following was posted on the Facebook page of Seventh District Congressman Billy Long.)

It would seem the Obama administration feels confident enough that they're on top of issues like defeating ISIS, securing our borders, jump-starting our lagging economy, and lowering our outrageous deficit, to the point that they feel their priority should now be to dictate school bathroom policies for Southwest Missouri students.

This administration cannot continue to overstep the will of state and local governments. These decisions should be made with the input of parents and educators at the ground level, and should never come in the form of a unilateral executive mandate like this one. As your Congressman, I will protect the rights of parents and our local schools with every tool at my disposal. The administration has not won on this issue and the fight is far from over.


Anonymous said...

Yeppers, and the easy way to tell the girls from the boys is put ear tags on them. Let's not have any confusion on this issue.

Harvey Hutchinson said...

Good post, Congressman!

Proud of you,
Harvey Hutchinson
Joplin, MO