Friday, May 20, 2016

Lee's Summit parents demand resignation of superintendent, school board members

Lee's Summit parents are steamed about what is happening in their school district, including the romantic relationship between their superintendent and an attorney for the school district (one which helped Superintendent David McGehee become the highest paid superintendent in the state with a pay package of close to $400,000), and decisions that have been made behind closed doors.

McGehee's attorney girlfriend is familiar to those who follow Joplin R-8 School District news. Shellie Guin's firm, Guin Mundorf, most recently defended the school board against a lawsuit brought by three Joplin residents following the Jasper County Commission's appointment of Sallie Beard, Ron Gatz, and Gary Nodler to the board, thwarting the will of the voters.

Guin was also the lawyer who seemed to have a considerable amount of trouble distinguishing between truth and fiction when preparing her witnesses for my termination hearing three years ago.

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