Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trial of accused Adriaunna Horton killer pushed back one year

The capital murder trial of Bobby Bourne, Lockwood, originally scheduled for July 11 in Barton County Circuit Court in Lamar, has been pushed back more than a year to July 17, 2017.

During a May 27 hearing in Henry County, Judge James Kelso Journey approved the motion for continuance from Bourne's lawyer, Thomas Jacquinot,

Bourne is accused of kidnapping and murder in connection with the August 19, 2013, death of 12-year-old Adriaunna Horton of Golden City.

Bourne is currently serving a 15-year sentence, which was handed down in Cedar County after he admitted he had violated his probation by not attending a court-ordered Batterer Intervention Program.

As noted earlier in the Turner Report, Bourne was on probation for charges of domestic assault, assault on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest at the time Adriaunna Horton was raped and murdered..

As noted in the August 22, 2013 Turner Report, Bourne remained free even after he was arrested in Dade County after being charged with assault on an underage girl and assaulting the girl's mother.

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Anonymous said...

Why isn't this being tried in federal court?