Wednesday, May 25, 2016

First bargaining agreement lands $1,000 raises, promises of discipline support for R-8 teachers

The first bargaining agreement between the Joplin R-8 School District and teachers, represented by Joplin NEA was approved 7-0 by the Board of Education Tuesday night.

The vote came on the one-year anniversary of the teachers' vote to approve NEA as its negotiator.

The agreement will include a $1,000 pay increase, plua one step for faculty and the following changes:

- Elementary teachers will be able to eat lunch without having duty during the lunch period.

-Teachers must be notified if a grade change is requested.

-Mileage reimbursements will be made monthly.

-Teachers who have to give up their planning period will be paid $21,50

-Improvements will be made toward a more respectful environment and better discipline support.

The JNEA bargaining team consisted of  Crystal Stokes, representing middle school; William Keczkemethy, high school; Erin Snodgrass, elementary; Vicki Robson, elementary and special education; Tina Guiles, middle school; and Annie Smith, Missouri NEA and legal representative.


Anonymous said...

Need to make more than all neighboring school districts.

Why is this not happening?

Anonymous said...

This raise is not close to where it needs to be. This will be more incentive for teachers to leave the district as it will be yet another year in which Joplin can't match the pay of even smaller surrounding schools, let alone larger districts in the 4-state area. I understand that Huff and the former administration put the district in a financial mess. and that it may take time to fix, but what will change next year or the year after that will allow teachers to receive the raises they deserve? If it can't be done now, what hope is there that the salary will be competitive in 2 years or 5 years or 10 years? I would not be optimistic in Joplin passing school bonds anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy you got a pay raise.Nobody else in the district did!!!

Anonymous said...

Teachers are already paid for their planning period as part of their seven hour day. Now they get paid twice for the same period. This has been litigated long ago. It's illegal. Someone didn't check into this decision.

Anonymous said...

I have seen other schools do give a stipend for an extra class. When a teacher is asked to give up that planning hour, the teacher gives up grading and planning time. Taking on an extra class is like having an extra duty given to the teacher. The extra class pushes the grading and planning to off contract time.

Randy, how much are they getting paid? $2,150? $21,500?

Randy said...

$21.50 for each planning period in which they have to cover another class.

Anonymous said...

I think all teachers that are asked to double up, when you cannot get a sub, like art/library, PE/music, should be paid sub pay for taking on the extra classes/duties. This happens way too much in the district. Also, the extra money for missing their plan time will hopefully keep administrators taking it from the teachers. I had to give up plenty of plan time to have meetings, and then 2 meetings I was supposed to be at the administrator and former TLC did not show up because she was still eating at BIG R's.

Excuse you? said...

Sub pay?? Sub's don't get paid squat to babysit the hellions per day! $21.50 is 3x what a sub is paid, why punish the teachers?!?

Anonymous said...

Once again taxpayers are not really aware of what teachers do and what they actually get for a salary. Average class of 25 students, 7 hours per day and 175 days a year for a salary of $35000 and more depending on experience, education and possible shortage in their respective field. All that adds up to 30,625 student contact hours or the equivalent of $1.14 per student hour. If the salary is $45,000 per year then they get a whopping $1.47 per hour. I dare anyone to find a educated baby sitter to watch their child let alone educate them, lead them, inspire them or even to listen to them for these sums. Wake up and realize what a tremendous resource we have in our teachers. Just feel sorry for those dedicated ones us older people had that did not make even 10% of what they do at present. Thank you past teachers and do not ever think we did not realize what we had. A grateful 70 year old remembers and married a teacher.

Anonymous said...

How many contract hours are in a day and how many contract days are in the Joplin teachers contracts?