Sunday, May 15, 2016

Two shot at Kansas high school graduation

Two people were shot at the Augusta, Kansas, high school graduation today in a situation that makes you wonder just why our legislators keep pushing for people to be able to carry concealed weapons anywhere they want.

Authorities say two people have been wounded at a high school graduation ceremony in southern Kansas after a man with a concealed weapon permit adjusted a sock he had stuffed a pistol into.

Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer said Sunday afternoon that the shooting was accidental and described it as a "knucklehead situation." The bullet went through the man's foot and traveled about another 50 feet before striking a woman in her calf. The woman has been released from a Wichita hospital, while the man has been admitted with an injury that's not life-threatening.


Bobby Jay Bliss said...

There you go again. Oh you liberals and your paranoia about guns. It isn't the guns fault, it's the sock's fault. And anyway, if he didn't shoot her, he could have thrown his cell phone at her. Guns=Freedom, and more freedom is better, right? So why don't you want those graduating kids to be free?

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe one reason is that citizens have a much better record at avoiding negligent discharges than police? And actually get punished for them.

If you expect perfection from any of these groups of people, or from people in general, you're not living in the same world as I am. Meanwhile me and mine will continue enjoying our Right to Keep and Bear Arms (RKBA).

We don't need gun control but Turner control in pubic skrools said...

We all understand that Randy Turner hates Constitutional rights and wants a sort of "nanny-state" tyranny in which nobody but Randy gets to have any rights.

A bunch of children, many of them with no aptitude or interest in real education are essentially forced to attend what is essentially a minimum security institution for the purpose of thirteen years of baby-sitting and being fed while their single-moms work at minimum wage jobs. The end result is that occasionally there are flare-ups amongst the no-longer so-little monkeys. Reserving education for those only who actually want it after a bare minimum of basic literacy testable by exam to opt out like a GED would tend to minimize resentments but lessen the need for teachers like Randy Turner. The ones who want and need the babysitting and day-care could get it without the pretense that they are actually being taught something useful while those who actually want to learn could do so as well. This would tend to minimize resentments and hopefully violence.

But there is no pleasing some people. So one shouldn't even try or much bother.

Turner was all resentful because he couldn't maintain discipline in a dispute which didn't concern him at the school, and was resentful when the administration asked Turner to not pursue it further. So Turner wrote something nasty and libellous against his employers, they found out, and showed Turner and other teachers like Turner that yes, they could indeed maintain discipline.

Some of these overgrown "special snowflakes" get aholt of guns. Turner has a blog. Both are irresponsible and narcissistic in their choice of weapons. Yet these moral minors think that those who defend themselves against theysselfs should be disarmed.

Pretty much everyone in the Joplin School District agreed that teachers like Randy Turner need to be detected and expelled from teaching -- and they made it so.

What the public schools need isn't gun control but Turner control.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you resent the schools babysitting the children of "welfare Moms" but get all uptight when some women decide that abortion is more logical choice for them.