Sunday, May 15, 2016

Links provided to top stories this week on Turner Report, Inside Joplin

The seven posts that received the highest readership this week on the Turner Report are listed below:

1. East Newton seniors pay tribute to fallen classmates

2. Some thoughts about Joplin's heroes and other topics

3. About the selling of the Joplin Tornado and other topics

4. Why Sharrock Dermott is right and thoughts about the Joplin Globe and the truth

5. R-8 Board needs to sever last ties with Bright Futures

6. Remembering Mike Camerer

7. Report explores satanism in Springfield

Numbers eight through 10 were two posts about the weather and the report I posted earlier tonight about two people being shot at a Kansas high school graduation ceremony.

The top five from Inside Joplin

1. Suspects sought in Downstream Casino theft

2. Joplin Police Department seeks help with fraud/forgery investigation

3. Joplin Police looking for theft suspect

4. Joplin Police apprehend fraud, forgery suspects

5. Drug enforcement search find heroin, handgun in Joplin apartment

The top five from Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Mike Camerer

2. Herson Cancinos-Mejias

3. Melvin Jones

4. Rex Conduff

5. Bobbi Jones

6. Jennifer Jennings

7. Lyle Green

8.Deborah Scott

9. Lonnie Daggett

10. Jeff Close

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