Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Governor pardons nine, including two from Jasper County

(From Gov. Jay Nixon)

Gov. Jay Nixon today announced he has granted pardons to seven men and two women convicted of non-violent offenses. Each of the individuals has completed his or her sentence and become a law-abiding citizen.

“The granting of pardons is not a matter taken lightly, and the cases that come before my office are given careful review,” Gov. Nixon said. “Each of these individuals has turned his or her life around and become a contributing member of society.”

The Governor granted pardons to the following individuals:

Russell Bales has been continuously employed, primarily as a truck driver, since being discharged from probation on a stealing conviction in Chariton County in 1994. For the conviction, Bales was given a one-year term of probation, which he completed without violation.

Jeffery Fanning is a service manager for a medical company in Minnesota and also volunteers for the local veterans’ hospital. He was given a two-year sentence on a second-degree burglary and stealing conviction out of Dekalb County in 1974. After one year in prison, his sentence was commuted by Gov. Bond in 1975.

Linda Hardy is currently employed as a realtor in Arizona and has had no criminal convictions since pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance in Saline County in 1995. She was granted early discharge on a five-year term of probation on the conviction.

Terry Hudson served as a corpsman in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged. He obtained a doctorate degree in occupational therapy and is certified as a brain injury specialist. Hudson has done extensive work as a physical therapy volunteer and in working with those with brain injuries. In 1993, he was placed on unsupervised probation on a stealing conviction out of Greene County. Hudson paid full restitution. 

Aaron Kellison was honorably discharged from the Missouri National Guard in 2014, and served in Afghanistan for 11 months in 2008. He received several medals and commendations during his military service. Kellison pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance in Jasper County in 2002; he received an early discharge from his five-year term of probation. 

Alice Lundien has demonstrated a stable lifestyle and has had no other criminal convictions since being placed on a five-year term of supervised probation in 1999 after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance in Jasper County.

Cliff Miller has been gainfully employed since his early discharge from probation in 1991. He was placed on a three-year term of probation in Greene County in 1989 after being convicted of possession of methamphetamine.

John Robey is an officer in the Missouri National Guard who was awarded the Bronze Star for his meritorious service in Afghanistan. He currently also works in computer security consulting. Robey pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree burglary in Stoddard County in 1993. After serving six months in prison, Robey was given a five-year term of probation, from which he was granted an early discharge.

John Sterner operates his own business, Tri-County Trash Service, in Mountain Grove, and previously worked in the trucking industry. He received an early discharge on a three-year term of probation he was given on a second-degree burglary conviction out of Texas County in 1979. Sterner paid full restitution.

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