Thursday, July 28, 2016

KOAM report: Eagle Picher lays off 135 full-time workers

KOAM is reporting Eagle Picher laid off 135 workers today, using imported security to escort more recent hires and long-time employees alike off the property.

This marks the second time in two months that Eagle Picher has laid off a sizable number of workers. In late May, approximately 90 employees who were eliminated, bringing the two-month total to somewhere around 225 employees or one-quarter of the company's Joplin workforce.

One of those who was laid off, Tony Grimm, provided his thoughts on why the layoffs occurred:

Grimm says the terminations aren't because of decrease in demand for manufactured products. Rather, he believes Eagle Picher is getting ready to be bought-out.

"It's going to look really good for the new company that they're not going to have all this payout," says Grimm.

Between now and that possible buy-out, though, reality is still sinking-in.

Grimm said at the end of our interview, "I'm probably done. I got to go. I'm just tired now. I think it's just hitting me hard, all of a sudden."

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