Thursday, July 14, 2016

Las Vegas billionaire contributes $200,000 to Greitens campaign

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venitian Hotel in Las Vegas, a favorite hangout of Seventh District Congressman Billy Long, now has another connection to Missouri politics.

Adelson joined the ranks of out-of-state money men pouring contributions into the gubernatorial campaign of former Navy Seal Eric Greitens.

Adelson contributed $200,000 to Greitens Thursday, according to a 48-hour report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The $200,000 contribution was not the biggest received by a Missouri politician Thursday, according to the Ethics Commission records.

Lieutenant governor candidate Bev Randles picked up a $300,000 contribution from Club for Growth, an organization funded by retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield.


Anonymous said...

Show Me the Best Government Money Can Buy!

Anonymous said...

Let them throw away their money on the bragged Seal.. shameful ambition that puts service to one's country as the main tenet of a campaign..disgraceful..what has Greitins ever done than be a Seal.?

Anonymous said...

Wearing the Uniform should be the only qualification for public service, and not wearing the Uniform should be a disqualification for running for Office.