Thursday, July 28, 2016

Text provided for Rep. Cleaver's speech at Democratic Convention

(The following speech was presented by Fifth District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver today at the Democratic National Convention.)

Let me begin by issuing a heartfelt invitation to our Republican friends: If your party is no longer becoming to you, then you should be coming to us. I have known Hillary Clinton for 25 years. And let me tell you, she's never let me down. And she won't let you down either.

In spite of what you heard last week, it is not midnight in America. Midnights can be cold and crippling. In reality, the sun has barely risen over the vastness of these United States. It is dawn in America and we are in the process of becoming. Yes, we are not yet what we shall become.

At a time when the citizens of this amazing country are jittery over a multitude of fears and heartaches, we need a leader who will become a trafficker in optimism and a peace peddler. Hillary will build a future we can all be part of and proud of.

There's an old story about Andrew Jackson. As a child, he looked like anything but a future general or president. In fact, one of his boyhood friends said Jim Brown who lived in the same area, could throw Andrew to the ground three times out of four in wrestling matches. Years later, a writer asked, "Why was there four matches? Jim should have won since in wrestling, if a person is thrown three times, it's all over. So what happened?" "Well, Jim would throw ole Andy BUT he'd get right up. Jim could never win because Andy wouldn't stay throwed – he wouldn't stay throwed!"

Here is a warning to those who might be tempted to spend the next four years trying to knock Hillary Clinton down: You'd better get ready for a woman who won't stay throwed.

They threw her down as the First Lady of the United States, but she wouldn't stay throwed.

They threw her down as a U.S. Senator, but she wouldn't stay throwed.

They threw her down as Secretary of State, but she wouldn't stay throwed.

They threw her down in this very presidential campaign, but she wouldn't stay throwed.

No, she ain't throwed yet!


Anonymous said...

Anybody else just throwed up?

Anonymous said...

So obviously Congressman Cleaver, you never been to Benghazi? Or handled National Security on the computer?

Anonymous said...

So, 7:04 PM, care to answer a few questions?

How many American embassies and consulates were attacked during G.W. Bush's administration?


How many people were killed?

66 (18 Americans)

How many congressional investigations?


Remember those numbers: 20-66-0. 20-66-0. 20-66-0.

You - and Congressional Republicans - are just using Benghazi to score cheap political points. Well, shame on you.

And don't even get me started on the private emails servers of Colin Powell and Condaleeza Rice. Or the 22 MILLION emails "lost" by the Bush administration when they used a private server to hide damaging information.

And while we are on the subject, just what exactly are you accusing Sec. Clinton of doing in either "scandal?"

At any rate, the big take-away from Cleaver's speech was that Clinton isn't afraid or intimidated by Republicans. Just ask "Flop-sweat" Trey Gowdy, if you don't believe Cleaver.

Finally, 20-66-0.

Anonymous said...

The Benghazi thing has been blown out of proportion by the Republicans as they do not have anything better to spend $20 million taxpayer money on as they do not have any more bridges to nowhere to build. Get it straight, Benghazi was not a consulate or an embassy, but an outpost. Three of those killed were mercenaries hired to protect the ambassador which was told by the CIA that it was not safe to be there and to get out; which he did not do. If we are worried so much about those 4 how about a little more worry about the soldiers killed each week by training accidents or hostile fire by being placed in harms way by Republicans for the oil companies and drug cartels. Sorry, I was in VN and it was a sham also and the one in the Middle East fit the bill perfectly for Chaney and the arms industry.

Anonymous said...

So if it was such a bad thing for Powell and Bush, why did Clinton not learn from it? Our FBI basically she was not fit for President.

Anonymous said...

Bill will keep a lid on Hilary. Who the hell will keep a lid on Trump? I ain't a Hilary fan but she will not get a bunch of people killed on an ego trip, Trump will.