Friday, July 08, 2016

Billy Long plans "Weekend in Vegas' fundraiser

No matter how inconvenient it must be for him, Seventh District Congressman Billy Long knows a politician's job is to keep raising money so he can continue to be re-elected.

So sometimes even in a Congressman in a relatively safe district needs to hold fundraising events in places that he would otherwise, of course, have no reason to visit.

So the invitations are out and Billy Long will hold a "Weekend in Las Vegas" September 30-October 3 at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel.

Any high rollers who want to contribute $2,500 to Long's campaign account can do so by sending their RSVP to Ali Schultz of White Birch Strategies, a recently-formed LLC that specializes in fundraising, event planning, and political finances.. 

And don't worry. The rooms have been secured and they only cost $305 a night.\

And the Wynn Las Vegas has shops, spas, salons, fitness centers, pools, and spas. Not that Billy Long or any of his contributors would ever have anything to do with it, but the Wynn Las Vegas also has gambling.

No word on when Long will schedule his Weekend in Branson fundraiser. 


Anonymous said...

Fatboy, who will be reelected, is just one of 535 reasons why there soon be a single digit percent confidence level in Congress.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the citizens of Missouri elect this person and that the republican committee does not tell him to stay at home and meet with the people. A good politician, this leaves him out, would have open meetings around his district listening to the people talk about what they need and for him to provide intelligent and non-scripted answers. That also will allude him as he cannot listen to a question and then turn to his staff of politician want-a-be's for the answers. This guy is an embarrassment to his party and to the people that truly want an representative that works for them versus the big political machine. And yet the sheep of Missouri voters keep him in because let us face it, they like a good joke.

Anonymous said...

Too bad someone cannot "dog' Bubba Billy at this event and see how much of his campaign money is spent and how it is spent on himself and family. Also would be interesting to see who contributes to his campaign at this event and how he voted on various issues that involve his contributors. I find it incredible that our taxpayer money goes to pay his salary all the while he spends so much time at home, in Las Vegas and elsewhere and not working for his citizens. The perks these "people" get along with the salary seems out of whack with no raise in minimum wage for a while, or resistance to raising the minimum wage while they voted that they are guaranteed a wage hike every year. What a system and they wonder why it might break.

11:27 AM notes that not all are this type of apple, but the good ones do not last as it goes against all they were taught by good parents. The rest represent lost souls and put shame or as our drill sergeant said "reflects on your parents".

Anonymous said...

Blubba Long was elected for one reason, and one reason only, people were upset with the "movie moment" of Gary Nodler. Long came up with a catchy slogan and played the role of the outsider who wanted change in Government. It worked but there was something else that worked, and that was his promise to only serve two terms if he was elected. Well that was a big lie, surprise, surprise. One thing I will give the guy credit for is that he really does not lie to the people he represents simply because he avoids contact with them so he does not have to lie to them (that is not to say that "The Blubba" will not lie because he does do that often). One thing about Blubba though, is that his priorities have not changed since he went to Washington. Those priorities remain, booze, food, cards and strippers, the same as they were in Springfield.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Billy Long's commercial and the only thought that commercial drove home was that Billy Long is too damned fat to even wear a necktie.