Sunday, July 10, 2016

August 2015 post tops Turner Report/Inside Joplin statistics for this week

A blogger never knows when a post from the past will suddenly begin picking up traffic.

That not only happened this week for the Turner Report, but the post, which offered coverage of the federal grand jury indictment of Neosho businessman Blake Altman on child pornography charges was the most visited post this week, which is saying something since a sizable number of posts were drawing traffic.

It is not surprising that people would find the Altman story of interest. Unless they read the Turner Report, as far as I can tell there has been no other coverage of the Altman indictment in the past 11 months, even though his trial is scheduled to be held in September in Springfield.

Last week's top posts on the Turner Report and Inside Joplin Obituaries show up again this week. My post on what kind of superintendent Joplin needs ranks number nine this time, while the death of Marisa Stotler is number eight.

Links to that post, as well to the other top posts for the Turner Report, Inside Joplin, and Inside Joplin Obituaries are featured below:

The Turner Report

1. Grand jury indicts Neosho businessman on child porn charges

2. Former state representative candidate Michael Jarrett dies from injuries sustained in traffic accident

3. Mike Woolston and the case Dean Dankelson ignored

4. Trial date set for Joplin man accused of children in porn

5. Billy Long plans "Weekend in Vegas" fundraiser

6. Lawsuit claim: Joplin R-8 steers students toward Christian venues

7. Joplin businessman Humphreys contributes $1 million to attorney general candidate Hawley

8. Rigor, relevance, and relationships: Memories from Joplin R-8

9. What kind of superintendent does Joplin R-8 need?

10. Tulsa superintendent defends pay hike for admin while others are losing jobs:

Inside Joplin

1. Police need help finding Joplin man

2. Wrong-way driver on I-44 leads to two-fatality crash near Carthage

3. Four DWI arrests made during Joplin checkpoint

4. Rash of car burglaries reported in Webb CityRoad

5. Joplin Police Department Holiday Arrests

6. Highway Patrol DWI Arrests July 4-5

7. Joplin motorcyclist injured in crash on Jaguar 

8. Joplin Police Department Arrests July 5-6

9. SWAT team involved in Joplin's man arrest on weapons charge

10. Jasper County Dissolutions of Marriage

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Carl Flenniken

2. Trey Patterson

3. Darla Harmon

4. Cohen Gaines

5. Dee Lankford

6. Carolyn Phillips

7. Khiyrie Breuil

8. Marisa Stotler

9. Max Lundquest

10. Bill White

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