Saturday, July 30, 2016

C. J. Huff: How Bright Futures would prevent school shootings

Former Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff offered a prescription for dealing with school shootings and natural disasters during his keynote speech at the National School Safety Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida, Friday and it sounds suspiciously like Bright Futures.

During his nationwide "We Will Start School on Time" tour, Huff has continually pushed the notion that nearly all of the good things that happened in the city during the tornado recovery time happened because he had established the Bright Futures framework and brought the community together.

That formula applies to more than dealing with natural disasters.

“First of all, parents send their kids to school every day through our door with an expectation of safety,” former Joplin, Missouri Schools Superintendent C.J. Huff said during the last day of the National School Safety Conference at Omni Championsgate Resort in Osceola County

“Whether you talking about bullying or active shooters, or in my particular case, dealing with natural disasters, it .takes everybody pulling together to make sure that the resources are in place, that everybody is working together toward the same goal of having safe and secure learning environments where teachers can teach and kids can learn,” Huff said.

Huff's presentation, according to the program, was titled A Look Back at the Tornado Disaster in Joplin, Missouri. During each of his speeches on the tornado, Huff has cited the creation of Bright Futures as the key to being able to start school on time in August 2011.

Huff gave the closing keynote speech for the event, which also featured keynote speeches from William Modzeleski, former deputy undersecretary of the U. S. Department of Education, A. J. DeAndrea, SWAT commander and active shooter expert, and Don Alves, lead instructor for the National Tactical Officers Association.


Anonymous said...

We did not start school on time because of C.J. Huff. We started on time because of dedicated, compassionate teachers that made starting school a priority. We did for the kids- not C.J.

Anonymous said...

Just like a brand new shiny building will prevent students from putting vandalism up everywhere, famous quote by Jason Cravens. I'm still laughing at that. Also, this just in, it will be partly cloudy with a slight chance of showers after 3pm.

Anonymous said...

wow...obsess much? Just can't let him go can you

Anonymous said...

Ugliest high school campus I have ever seen. Why people voted for this eyesore amazes me.

It's an athletic complex that looks like a school was an afterthought.

Anonymous said...


Apparently, Huff is the one who can't let go. He is still making a profit off of the disaster, and his presentation is not honest. That he is acting as an opportunist and is profiting off the disaster should be of interest to all. So please, Mr. Turner, keep reporting and let the trolls just suffer if the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...


Who cares? You all wanted him gone and he's gone. Who cares what he does now.

Charles Virgin said...

I really wish we could focus on the positives that are taking place in the District. We hear nothing but negative. The BOE and Superintendent of old are gone. Let's move forward and work hard for the children of this District.

Anonymous said...

Turner will never be able to focus on the positive. One of the saddest, most negative people you will ever meet.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Franklin L. Wright? BTW did you now that a school system down the road built a building that looks like a prison. Its to small and is now building on for sports and fine art.