Sunday, July 17, 2016

The money behind the Carlton-Dankelson campaign for judge

The battle to replace retired Judge David Dally is heating up with District 6 Judge Stephen Carlton (pictured below) looking to move to Jasper County District 2 judge and Jasper County Prosecuting and Attorney Dean Dankelson looking to move to the other side of the courtroom.

Carlton's quarterly report, filed this week with the Missouri Ethics Commission, indicates he raised $13,475 during the past quarter and spent $3,584.10, leaving him with $10,501.70 in his campaign account.

Dankelson raised $25,600 and spent $7,438.74, leaving him with $18,727.28.

Dankelson contributors

Amy Fite, Christian County attorney, $100
Choice Marketing, Joplin, $3,500 (in-kind)
Shane Burns, Webb City auto dealer $250
Jim Jones, Neosho business owner $300
Karen Garver, Joplin business owner $150
Julia Womack, Joplin business owner $150
Charles Womack, Joplin business owner $150
Citizens for Jennifer Joyce, St. Louis, $250
BBG Corporation, Joplin, $100
Vogel Property Group, Galena, Kansas, $100
Christopher Lawson, Carl Junction, $150
Matthew Adrian, Joplin, attorney, $100
Gideon Godsey, Kansas City, retired, $500
Eileen Godsey, Kansas City, retired, $500
Frack Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Webb City $100
Randall Rohmiller, DDS, Carl Junction $100
Stephanie Cowan, Glaxo, Carl Junction, $100
Charles Adams, Missouri Southern State University, $100
Vintage Vogue, Carl Junction, $250
Nicole Taber, Carl Junction, $100
Windwood, Joplin, $250
John Gutierrez, attorney, Joplin, $100
Janet Frazier, Carl Junction (works for Dr. Joseph) $100
Linda Brown, artist, Joplin, $100
Darren Prather, Saga Quad States Communications, LLC, Carl Junction, $100
Elizabeth Margeson, Carl Junction,(works for Dr. Repsher) $100
Derek Towery, physician, Joplin, $500
Jerry Johnson, truck driver, Carl Junction, $100
Norman Kennedy, retired, Carl Junction, $100
Carrie Cavitt, Webb City, $100
Leslie Fitzgerald, retired, Carl Junction, $250
T. Mark Elliott, Farm Bureau, Oronogo, $500
Teri Sonntag, retired, Carl Junction, $100
Penny Beecher, retired, Carl Junction, $250
Keri Keckley, Crowder College, Carl Junction, $100
Russ Kennedy, Mercy, Carl Junction, $500
Linda Starkweather, Chik-Fil-A, Joplin, $100
Vicky Mieseler, Freeman Health Systems, Carl Junction, $200
Thomas Herrod, Joplin, $100
Pam Distler, Carl Junction, $100
Ruth Dankelson, retired, Norwalk, Ohio, $100
Denise Fullerton, dentist, Joplin, $100
Alan Buchele, physician, Carl Junction, $250
Nancy Starkweather, retired, Joplin, $200
Glenn Coltharp, Crowder College, Asbury, $100
Martha Pope, Joplin Sports Authority, Carl Junction, $100
KAB Electric, Carl Junction, $100
Thomas Adams, retired, Joplin, $100
Connie Merithew, retired, Carl Junction, $100
Penny Beecher, retired, Carl Junction, $100
Professional Investigative Services, Carthage, $200
Jeffery Starkweather, Joplin Schools, $100
Jacob Skouby, Newton County prosecuting attorney, $200
Fred Osborn, Mercy, Carl Junction, $100
McCulloch for Prosecutor Committee, Chesterfield, $500
Christopher Limbaugh, Cape Girardeau, $150
Tim Lohmar, St. Charles, $300
Richard Kenney, retired, Carl Junction, $500
Rita Moriandi, farmer, Mt. Vernon, $500
James Boyle, Freeman Midwest Orthopaedic, Carl Junction, $3,000
Turner Industries, Joplin, $100
Moriondo Farms, Mt. Vernon, $500
Ben R. Brown Trucking, Carterville, $100
Gerald Carpenter, retired, Joplin, $100
Greg Fauvergue, business owner, Carl Junction, $250
Linda Williams, Club 609, Joplin, $150
H. Steven Williams, Club 609, Joplin, $150
John H. Joseph II, DDS, Joplin, $250
Chappel Casket Company, Webb City, $500
D. Mitchell Stinnett, Mercy, Joplin, $100
Missouri for Charlie, Webb City $500
Christine Hoag-Apel, retired, Joplin, $100
Stilley Law, LLC, Joplin, $2,000
Joseph Courtright, real estate, Little Rock, $1,000
Trey M. Butler, Joplin, $250
Midwest Regional Allergy, Asthma, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis Center, Joplin, $1,000
Tony Feather, FLS Connect, Jefferson City, $500
The Rhoads Company LLC, Jefferson City, $500
CV Vegas Development LLC, Joplin, $500
Norman Rouse, attorney, Carthage, $750
Graves Garrett LLC, Kansas City, $250
William White, Missouri state representative, Joplin, $100
Friends of Nate Walker Committee, Kirksville, $100
Dan Stanley, Edward Jones, Webb City, $250
Jon Bhend, Joplin, attorney, $100
Denise King, Vintage Vogue, Carl Junction, $350
Dawn Mertens, Joplin Schools, Carl Junction, $350
Russ Kennedy, Mercy, Carl Junction, $300

Dankelson noted the following contributions in his April report:

Joseph Properties, Joplin, $250
Eric Zahnd for Platte County Prosecutor, Platte Woods, $250

Carlton contributors

Ken Caviness, Vinrage Stock, Joplin, $500
Stephen Beimdiek, Beimdiek Insurance, Carthage, $500
Robert Walkenhorst, retired, Joplin, $250
Nick Capra, retired, Carl Junction, $100
B. J. Crider, retired, Carl Junction, $200
Phillip Foster, attorney, Camden, Arkansas, $500
Eugene Bramblett, attorney, Camden, Arkansas, $250
Henry Robertson, retired, Joplin, $250
Delores Kassab, realtor, Joplin, $100
Stephen Bazzano, Mercy Clinic, Joplin, $500
Jimmy Weaver, retired, Joplin, $200
Mark Davis, attorney, Little Rock, $250
Larry Glaze, artist, Carthage, $100
Dan Lambeth, retired, Carthage, $250
Patrick Scott, Heartland Financial, Carthage, $100
Sara Baker, Nativity School, Overland Park, Kansas, $200
Doug Young, TECI, Webb City, $100
Patti Julian, attorney, North Little Rock, Arkansas, $250
Dean Adams, retired, Carthage, $100
Felix Wright, retired, Carthage, $500
William Putnam, retired, Carthage, $200
David Sexton, D&D Sexton, Carthage, $200
Janeene Pierce, retired, Carthage, $100
Judy Howard, retired, Carthage, $100
Ruth Kolpin, retired, Carthage, $100
John Motazedi, SNC, Joplin, $200
Neils Mossbeck, Leggett & Platt, Carthage, $250
Matt Flanigan, Leggett & Platt, Carthage, $100
Ed Grundy, retired, Carthage, $100
Mike Cloud, Cloud's Meat, Carthage, $100
Jack Robbins, dentist, Carthage, $200
Ron Mitchell, attorney, Joplin, $100
Peter Richardson, retired, Carthage, $100
William Crawford, retired, Carthage, $200
Eric Freeman, Leggett & Platt, Carthage, $250
Ken Schroer, Freeman Health System, Joplin, $250
Ivan Crossland, Crossland Construction, Columbus, Kansas, $1,000
Pat Earl, TECI, Joplin, $1,000
David Black, Freeman Health System, Joplin, $300
Dennis Park, Leggett & Platt, Joplin, $300
Curtis Crossland, Crossland Construction, Joplin, $1,000
Richard Moss, retired, Joplin, $100
Sarah Reeder, attorney, Joplin, $300
Scott Brothers, Insurance Company, Webb City, $500
Mike Carder, TAMKO, Joplin, $200
John Emirch, KSN, Webb City, $100
Chad Evans, Arvest Bank, Joplin, $100
Ngoc Williams, Newt Sharp DDS, Joplin, $100
Walter Williams, attorney,  Joplin, $100
Karl Blanchard, attorney, Joplin, $350
Larry Deffenbaugh, doctor, Carthage, $350
Tracey Martin, attorney, Joplin, $300
Tina Longnecker, attorney, Joplin, $300

Carlton also reported these contributions in his April report:

Jimmy Grimes, Leggett & Platt, Carthage, $100
Bennie Crossland, Crossland Construction, Joplin, $1,000
Carlton for Judge 2002 Campaign Committee $500


Anonymous said...

The other side of the courtroom? I guess technically that statement is true. But if you think for one second that the prosecutor and the judge are on different sides of don't know how the judicial system really works.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well this is just too cozy. Can a prosecutor ever step into an objective courtroom? I think if we recruit judges (associate, Circuit, Appellate, Supreme) from the prosecutor pool, we have just railroaded all civil liberties and civil rights by biasing any objectivity with regards to granting motions, writs for appeals, and accepting formal discovery evidence to the contrary of expulsion of charges. This is a encroachment of objectivity, and since the prosecutor has abuse of discretion immunity and is exempt from mens rea, mens actus....he as a prosecutor can willfully withhold evidence by which he has never gotten the proper channels to ensure and thus may be incarcerating an innocent person in prison for a indefinite period of time, due to his abuse of discretion at the bench. Appointment a prosecutor is blinding the eyes of lady liberty and crippling an already compromised system. If you don't want a riot, and future Feds telling you how to run your state I strongly advise not to appoint prosecutors to the bench as a judge of any kind.